Friday Photos: Autumn Leaves 2015

By Jo Connarty Last edited 97 months ago
Friday Photos: Autumn Leaves 2015
A crunchy walkway, Aleem Youseef (2015)

As the nights are drawing in and the last of the autumn leaves are beginning to disappear, we take a look at this year's autumn in London. Hopefully you've enjoyed your chance to kick through leaves before they all turn to winter mush!

Nature showing off at the Natural History Museum, Adrain Chandler (2015)
Wansted Flats, Aleem Yousaf (2015)
Autumn at St.Paul's Cathedral, Umbreen Hafeez (2014)
Hampstead Heath in autumn, Paul (2015)
Lots of crunchy leaves to step on at Kew Gardens, Andrea Heribanova (2015)
First light at Wanstead Flats, Aleem Yousaf (2015)
The last leaves of autumn, Paul Wood (2015)
The leaves beginning to turn to mush, Queen's Park, Mike T Photography
Autumn soup, Umbreen Hafeez (2015)

Last Updated 13 November 2015