London Passport Map Shows City Diversity

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London Passport Map Shows City Diversity
A PDF close-up with key to nationalities can be found here.

Artist Yanko Tihov has created this rather attractive map of London diversity made from passport covers. The art work shows the commonest three or four non-British nationalities in every London borough, as documented in the 2011 census.

Close up.

A limited number of prints are available for purchase, with the added feature that Yankho has hand painted each passport seal in 23-carat gold. Needless to say, they're pricey, so enjoy the image here.

Images courtesy of TAG Fine Arts.

Last Updated 07 December 2016

Tina Wells

Either the Brazilians in London are all illegal or they really know how to hide as I did not see the community in the map!


Cool. Data source?


75,000 Canadians are also hiding in London - but we're just not cliquey enough, and mistaken for Americans by 99% of Brits. How can you tell if you have Canadians living on your street? You can't

Rubs Troll

how weird...not a single country from south America...


Or illegal renting?