Celebrate Back To The Future Day At Leicester Square Theatre

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Celebrate Back To The Future Day At Leicester Square Theatre

Credit: Simon Crubellier. From the Londonist Flickr pool

"This is maybe a bit gimmicky," says comedian Nathan Cassidy leaning casually on his time-travelling Delorean while wearing self-tying sneakers, a futuristic-space jacket and sporting a hoverboard.

After performing a trilogy of comedy shows based on Back to the Future at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, Cassidy now brings an abridged version of all three tonight to Leicester Square Theatre — on the very day Marty McFly flew into the future in Back to the Future II.

At a summer publicity stunt, surrounded by an explosion of movie props and memorabilia from the classic Michael J Fox movies, Cassidy sure grabbed people's attention. The sight of the infamous gigawatt-powered DMC-12 reminded us there was a time when summer blockbusters weren't about Chris Pratt shirtlessly fighting mega-lizards. Instead, the crowd fell into nostalgia for that wholesome age when stories were about a boy accidentally sent back in time, trying desperately not to put his junk in or around his own mother.

Despite being dressed as Marty Mcfly and in the presence of an impossible-flying-time-car, Cassidy is keen to point out that the classic movies act only as a backdrop for his comedy. He explained the themes, concepts and jokes are there to be enjoyed by everyone, even those who haven't seen the films.

Cassidy explores the unique aspect of our lives, from our pasts mistakes to all the exciting new ones we could conceivably make in the future. His show is guaranteed to leave burning tire-tracks across Leicester Square Theatre tonight.

By Fred Fletch

Nathan Cassidy: Back To The Future Trilogy (Abridged) is on tonight at Leicester Square Theatre, 8.30pm, Tickets £8. Back To The Future fancy dress is optional.

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