London News Roundup: More Cereal Killer Fallout

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 32 months ago
London News Roundup: More Cereal Killer Fallout
Photo by Michael Goldrei from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 29 September 2015


When anti-gentrification protestors do target property developers, which they do a lot, you condemn them anyway.

Slh Dave

I've got friends who are in Class War and while they aren't perfect, they raise issues that need to be taken seriously. I'm not happy about the snarky tone of this piece which uses one of my images. As a result, I have quit the Londonist group on Flickr and withdrawn all of my images from that group. I would appreciate it if you could remove my image from this piece as soon as possible tomorrow. I hope you will comply and that this difference of opinion can be resolved amicably:)


So Class War say they want the museum to close because it glorifies violence to women - but it is fine for them to use extreme violence to women and children who are minding their own business in a cafe on a saturday night throwing fire bombs at them and leaving them terrified and traumatised. Great logic Class War. Let's face it they are just bullies, riddled by jealousy and thugs looking for a fight. This whole thing reminds me of Hitlers's brownshirts - did they not go around smashing the window's of businesses they did not like? EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD GO TO THE MUSEUM THIS WEEK TO SHOW THEM WE DON'T CONDONE CLASS WAR AND THEIR BULLYING BEHAVIOUR.