Get 25% Off Londonist T-Shirts

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Get 25% Off Londonist T-Shirts

Not that we want to make you choke on your breakfast or anything, but this weekend you can get 25% off Londonist t-shirts.

Now, fish that piece of toast from the back of your gullet and read on. Not only will you be the envy of friends, family and outright strangers, you'll make a saving of £4.50 per t-shirt. Spend your saving on a craft beer, and try not to spill it down your lovely new top.

Now, what else? Oh yes, hurry, hurry! This offer ends at 10am on Monday (28 September). And unlike all those ads for sofas, this deal actually does end then.

T-shirts are available in different colours and lots of different sizes, because people are DIFFERENT damnit.

Your orders will be handled by the pros at More T Vicar and jolly nice people they are too.

Last Updated 25 September 2015