Lodnon's Best Typos, Part Two

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Last Updated 10 August 2015

Lodnon's Best Typos, Part Two
How come nobody can spell Walthlamstow anymore? Noticed at the Whipps Cross end of Wood Street by Jo Moncrieff.
Admit it, you've thought about making this intervention too. Suze Jones found this on Gipsy Road, SE27.
How many typos can you spot here? Sent in by Eli Anders.
We _really_ hope this one is just a typo. Spotted in a Hammersmith convenience store by reader Russell McLean.
Watney Market, just a skip and a jump away. Photo by psyxjaw in the Londonist Flickr pool.
Not even close. Found in Streatham by Kitty Stogdon.
Is this an example of a strategic typo? Nothing gets people wound up like a missing apostrophe. Leave one out on the side of your van, and you're sure to get people tweeting, instagramming and adding your business message to galleries like this. Clever. Or dumb. You decide. Spotted on Whitehall by Emma Badame.
A rubbish sign in more ways than one. New Cross sign sent by Jonathan Wadman.
If there's one word you don't want to spell wrong... Another image from Jonathan Wadman, this time on Wandsworth Road.
If you're easily riled by sloppy use of apostrophes, welcome to your worst nightmare. Brought to our attention by 'Vinnie'.
Perhaps that's how the Anglo-Saxons spelt it. By MartinJ500 in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Walthamstow became Waltamstow last week, when Transport for London installed a misspelled sign at the station. The sign writers must have been inspired by our earlier article showing off some of London's best typos. The well of human error is deep, and so today we proudly present a second roundup of cock-ups and misprints, as sent in by Londonist readers.

If you've noticed a dodgy sign in London, send a snap to [email protected], link it up in the comments below, or else add it to the Londonist Flickr pool. If we get enough, we'll run a third article.