Why Was Red Smoke Coming Out Of Old Truman Brewery’s Chimney?

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Last Updated 27 August 2015

Why Was Red Smoke Coming Out Of Old Truman Brewery’s Chimney?

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It was an odd sight: plumes of bright red smoke pouring into the sky surrounding the Old Truman Brewery’s towering 49m high chimney. A chimney that hasn't seen smoke since beer was last brewed there two decades ago. The spectacle had pedestrians stopping in their tracks, cyclists pulling over to take photos. What was the cause?

It was the work of The Big Smoke, the team name for the London contingent of Desperados’s City Hack initiative. Their challenge? Come up with a great team name, think up an even greater idea, and get their city to sit up and take notice. Mission achieved, people.

Similar challenges were underway in Bristol and Manchester. Shifted Spaces, the Bristol team, orchestrated a huge party on an old Navy ship including giant screens, sound systems and some lasers thrown in for good measure. In Manchester, Rain City Movement put on an outdoor club night which went on until the early hours.

But The Big Smoke was the only team to really live up to its name, hosting an impromptu Friday-night party on Brick Lane with live DJ set and drink samples galore, having successfully masterminded the red smoke chimney stunt.

This was challenge two in the City Hack campaign, set up by Desperados and designed to get people overcoming the perceived limitations of what’s possible in their city. Mentors from creative industries have been on hand to give expert guidance as well as judge each group's efforts. Challenge three for the teams is to set up a ‘red-themed’ party tonight in an unconventional location, getting people to enjoy a space not usually open for public parties.

For The Big Smoke, they’ll have to harness the genius of London’s creative community to create an event worth talking about. See first-hand what they come up with and nab some of the last remaining party tickets here.

They’ve already broken convention to turn the skies red above Brick Lane. We’re looking forward to seeing what The Big Smoke has up their sleeve tonight.