How To Survive The Tube Strike

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 32 months ago
How To Survive The Tube Strike
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So the tube strike's happening (here's what and why). There's nothing we can do about it, and while we doubt it'll be quite as bad as childbirth, it makes sense to make it as easy on yourself and your fellow commuters as possible.

From getting around to working from home, these 10 apps will help you through the tube strike.

Transport options

If your thoughts are turning to alternative transport, you've got several options (find out which is fastest out of boats, bikes and cars here).

Buses aren't a great option, if this BBC London video of the last strike is anything to go by. Bikes, however, are a possibility. This live docking map lets you find your nearest cycle hire station and see how many bikes (or spaces) are available there. Soho Square is probably a good bet.

Segways with no handles may or may not be a thing. They're not great at kerbs, apparently, and may not be entirely legal, but you'll give your stressed out fellow commuters a chuckle when you faceplant the pavement.

Now, we know what you're thinking. The cable car never looked so good, did it? Especially if you're one of the 1.2 people who lives in North Greenwich and works in Docklands, or vice versa. Seriously though, there are reasons to love the cable car. Seven of them, to be precise.

Live East? Acquaint yourself with your new best friend, the DLR. If you're lucky enough to squeeze into a tiny gap on the world's slowest rollercoaster during the strike, make your time shoved into a stranger's armpit all the more enjoyable. Chances are you won't be able to see a window, let alone any of these sights, but it's nice to know they're there, isn't it?

Waiting it out

Hanging around the office until the majority of the rush hour crowd has dispersed? You wise bean, you.

Photo: Malcolm

As with any scenario in life, ever, your best option is the pub. Our pub guide has the best London pubs classified by area, so wherever you end up, a medicinal pint is nearby. Alternatively, this tube strike pub crawl map lets you drink your way home (all the more fun if you play the tube strike drinking game as you go). Has there ever been a better reason for going to the pub? Or a better commute?

If you're missing the brush of slightly itchy moquette against your thigh, pop into one of these transport-themed restaurants and bars on your way home. Hell, sink a few pints/cocktails, curl up on the seats and spend the night there. It'll be good practice for falling asleep on the night tube and doing the Loughton to Ealing Broadway run several times over, and you'll be close to work for the morning.


Whether you're queueing for ages for a bus or taxi, or wedged onto a train that isn't going anywhere fast, you probably won't have the space to unfurl your broadsheet for your usual commuting read. Let us entertain you instead.

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