Look-Up London #4: Can You Guess These London Ceilings?

Ruth Hargreaves
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Last Updated 05 August 2015

Look-Up London #4: Can You Guess These London Ceilings?
1. Photo by Umbreen Hafeez via Londonist Flickrpool
2. Photo by Darrell Godliman via Londonist Flickrpool
3. Photo by Matt Brown via Londonist Flickrpool
4. Photo by Dave Morgan via Londonist Flickrpool
5. Photo by Suzanne Gerber via Londonist Flickrpool
6. Photo by Doug Wheller via Londonist Flickrpool

Too often, we look down. Down at our feet, down at our phones, down at the pavement. But London is a great place in which to look up.

We've arrived at week #4. How many of the above London ceilings can you identify? Let us know!

Below are the answers to last week's photos (in white text — highlight to view). If you're really up for a challenge and want to test yourself with an abundance of speculative ceilings, click through to take a look at all the previous weeks below.

1. Hampton Court
2. Roundhouse
3. Temple Church, Nave ceiling
4. The Grosvenor Chapel (Lady Chapel)
5. Southwark Cathedral
6. Boston Manor House, State Bedroom

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Thanks, as ever, to our wonderful Flickrpool contributors for their captures. This week, credit goes to: Umbreen Hafeez, Darrell Godliman, Matt Brown, Dave Morgan, Suzanne Gerber and Doug Wheller.