Look-Up London #3: Can You Guess These London Ceilings?

Ruth Hargreaves
By Ruth Hargreaves Last edited 105 months ago
Look-Up London #3: Can You Guess These London Ceilings?
1. Photo by Matt Brown via Londonist Flickrpool
North London cultural gems: Roundhouse in Camden
2. Photo by Guy Tyler via Londonist Flickrpool
3. Photo by shadow_in_the_water via Londonist Flickrpool
4. Photo by curry 15 via Londonist Flickrpool
5. Photo by Carolyn Eaton via Londonist Flickrpool
6. Photo by HoosierSands via Londonist Flickrpool

Too often, we look down. Down at our feet, down at our phones, down at the pavement. But London is a great place in which to look up.

In this series, we’re celebrating the glorious ceilings and rooftops of London buildings as well as giving you the chance to test your London brains and see how many you can identify. Each week we’ll present a gallery and share last week’s answers. We've arrived at the third instalment and while we had many correct guesses for the first week, last week's seemed to bamboozle you. Let's see how you fare this time, we've been a bit kinder.

Below are the answers to last week’s tricky photos (in white text — highlight to view).

1. Strawberry Hill House Gallery
2. Queen's House, Royal Museums Greenwich
3. Guildhall
4. The King's Staircase, Kensington Palace
5. Draper's Hall
6. St. Mary Woolnoth church

How many did you get right from last week? Feel free to brag in the comments, as well as giving this week’s ceilings above your best shot.

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Thanks, as ever, to our wonderful Flickrpool contributors for their captures. This week, credit goes to: Matt Brown, Guy Tyler, shadow_in_the_water, curry15, Carolyn Eaton and HoosierSands.

Last Updated 26 July 2015