Developer Must Rebuild Demolished Pub 'Brick By Brick' After Losing Appeal

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Developer Must Rebuild Demolished Pub 'Brick By Brick' After Losing Appeal
The Alchemist pub before the unlawful demolition. Picture: Wandsworth Council.

A developer in Battersea yesterday lost his battle to secure retrospective planning permission on a historic pub he bulldozed in May. He must now rebuild The Alchemist in St Johns' Hill 'brick by brick' according to the council's original ruling earlier this month.

The confirmation of the decision follows a similar ruling in Maida Vale earlier this year after the Carlton Tavern was demolished without consent.

The unlawful destruction of The Alchemist, a three-storey Victorian pub in a conservation area near Clapham Junction, was described by planning chiefs as a “very serious breach.”

The developer Udhyam Amim had submitted his retrospective planning application with the justification that the building was structurally unsafe, and that salvaged materials would be used on a new building featuring a restored facade.

This was "roundly rejected" as an attempt to get permission "by the back door" according to planning chair Cllr Sarah McDermott. The full statement is available on Wandsworth council's website here.

Gold turned into base material - The Alchemist as it looks now. Picture: Wandsworth Council.

Last Updated 22 July 2015

James Guppy

Ha ha...nice one planners!!!!


I hope the abusive perpetrator of this demolitionis fined and imprisoned. I can't see that this building can be rebuilt. He'll just declare bankruptcy and we'll be left with a demolished building. Greed is the only explanation for this breathtaking example of the arrogance of "developers". Funny how we are shocked by the desecration and demolition of ancient buildings under the "care" of Daesh in the Middle East and yet the same is happenning in London.

Eddie Blake

Excellent, about time cowboys were bought to book


Good. I hope the final lick of paint after the rebuild bankrupts him.


Part of me is like okay this is good. But re-building is not going to do anyone any good. The old building is gone. The best thing that could be done now is to re-use the space in a more innovative manner, create a social & commercial project and force the developer to adhere. Yes it was wrong to demolish the thing without consent for starters, and he knew he would never get the consent. But the damage happened, you can't bring the dead back. Let's move on and create an opportunity out of this.... Donno, just saying.


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