Developers Who Demolished Kilburn Pub To Rebuild It “Brick By Brick”

By Stuart Black Last edited 37 months ago
Developers Who Demolished Kilburn Pub To Rebuild It “Brick By Brick”

Photo by Simon Crubellier, from the Londonist Flickr pool.

A pub that was knocked down without planning permission will have to be rebuilt "brick by brick", a council has proposed.

The shocking demolition of the Carlton Tavern in Maida Vale outraged residents and took Westminster Council by surprise. Following an investigation, the authority's officials have demanded an exact replica of the historic 1920s pub to be rebuilt.

The enforcement notice will likely be approved by the council’s planning committee on Tuesday, and will require the developer to “recreate in facsimile the building as it stood immediately prior to its demolition”. It will prevent CLTX, the developer in question who owns the site, from selling it on until the pub is back in place.

Cllr Tom Crockett told Londonist: "I will certainly be urging the committee to vote in favour of it."

The proposed action has been greeted with delight by many. Among those, London Historians tweeted:

Last Updated 29 April 2015

Good news

What fantastic news. This sends a very strong message to anyone stupid enough to try this. The value of the land is effectively £0 until the Council's demands are complied with


Are they allowed to abandon the site? I would see them doing that, then having the council repossess it. Don't think the pub will be built again, but definitely a move away from the "build first; apologise later" approach.


WOW! The history does not continue? OMG!


Suspect this rebuild won't happen, but boy do I hope it does (please keep an eye on this Londonist), and would be nice if it bankrupts the developers just before the last lick of paint. It's the only way they'll pay attention and would send a strong message out to others. We saw a period cottage demolished on Wanstead High Street which ended up being replaced by a faceless box occupied a travel agent on the ground floor. Until proper penalties are enforced (and not wriggled out of after the headlines), these people continue with these scandalous practices of knocking down whatever the hell they like, when they like.


Who is paying for the rebuild? And what of the original fittings that were skipped? A building is more than just bricks, you now. Windows, light switches, everything gives it its character. That is surely lost now, no?

Morten Bakke

This is quite right to do. Build it up again.

Greg Tingey

They won't learn
About 35 years ago, a pub on the edge of Central Manchester the pub "Tommy Ducks" was also knocked-down on Sunday evening, before the Monday listing.
It wa 18th Century, so a lot older than all the surrounding buildings, but "the developers" wanted the site.
Manchester City council blacklisted the developers - told them they would never, ever get permission to build anything, any time, anywhere in thier jurisdiction..

Chris Carnevale

in the biggest housing crisis known in London i'm not sure rebuilding an old unused pub is the best use of this space. They should be forced to build affordable housing instead, put some kind of order on the land where only affordable houses can be built. Who will use the pub once its rebuilt? it wasn't getting used before and will rot away again. rather than the council save face and make them rebuild it they should look at other options