Brixton Pound: New Note Launches Tonight

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Brixton Pound: New Note Launches Tonight

This is how we spend our Brixton Pounds.

Rush like the wind to Windrush Square for tonight's unveiling of the new B£5 note. Like previous denominations, the Brixton note will feature the likeness of a local hero, and is the work of a Turner Prize-winning artist. Both design and designer will be revealed tonight.

The event also includes a Give and Take market. You're encouraged to bring along unwanted items to give away. Conversely, you're welcome to accept the cast-offs of other visitors. In addition, turn up with dry and tinned food for the local foodbanks, who will also be on hand.

The Brixton Pound was initially launched in 2009. It's a local currency that encourages businesses to find nearby suppliers, and cajoles customers into shopping locally. The currency is available in four denominations — B£1, B£5, B£10 and B£20 — each matching the value of the Sterling equivalent. Previous Brixtonians to feature on the notes include David Bowie, Violet Szabo and Len Garrison.

Brixton Pound also recently announced a monthly prize draw. Known as the Brixton Bonus, the scheme raises money for local micro-grants, with various prizes and rewards to be spent in the area.

Launch of the B£5 note and Give and Take Market starts in Windrush Square, Wednesday 8 June 2015 at 6pm. Entrance is free. We'll have an interview with the people behind Brixton Pound in the near future.

Last Updated 08 July 2015