New Night Tube Map Is Out

By Geoff Marshall Last edited 88 months ago
New Night Tube Map Is Out

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There's a new tube map in town — The Night Tube map.

We already got a first idea of what it was going to look like back in September of last year when it was announced, and to what five lines it would be running, but today Transport for London has launched the official 'darkened colour' version (it's blue — not black!). It still shows the fares zones for night tube services, which should start on 12 September 2015.

We say 'should', of course, because there are tube strikes to come over this. But if those 24-hour services do start running at weekends later in the year it'll help not just people who have stayed our late, but will also benefit those weekend early risers. Just yesterday we tried to get a Jubilee Line train early on a Sunday morning only to discover that we'd arrived before the first scheduled service — so Friday night and Saturday night tube services will give us early morning trains on Saturdays and Sundays too!

Note that the Central Line has got the second 'kink' in it, too, to mirror the regular online version which does this to make way for Crossrail's future appearance — even though Crossrail is not expected to run a 24 hour service.

We're still also predicting that when this Night Tube map comes out in printed form later in the year, it will be on the reverse side of the pocket map — which will be physically larger in size.

Last Updated 05 August 2015