London's Ghost Stations Explored In New App

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London's Ghost Stations Explored In New App

Are you the kind of person who gets a bit giddy whenever abandoned tube stations are mentioned? Disused Tube is the app for you. It's a guide to all of London's abandoned tube stations, from long-vanished platforms to well-preserved buildings.

A shot from our own visit to Down Street.
A shot from our own visit to Down Street.

Disused Tube is written, produced and narrated by our very own Geoff Marshall (@geofftech) — star of the Secrets of the Underground video series — in collaboration with Dan Frost.

Over 50 stations are covered. Each has its own page, packed with facts, navigation tips and an audio commentary from Geoff. Find out which disused bit of line had the Underground's only level crossing (used by tractors), or how you might have caught the tube out to Southend. The app also includes a map of ghost stations and a couple of guided walks to string them together.

Disused Tube available now for £2.99 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (No current plans for an Android version, but you never know.)

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Last Updated 24 June 2015