London Tree Week Explores The Green City

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Last Updated 11 May 2015

London Tree Week Explores The Green City

This is what Kingsway looks like from above.


It's like the bloody forest moon of Endor down there (complete with occasional explosions). But how often do we notice such things from street level?

London Tree Week (23-31 May 2015) returns this month to remind us of the arboreal treasures the city possesses. Sign up now for walks, talks and other verdant treats. You might also try out this app (iPhone only, alas), which directs you towards interesting trees near tube stations.

The programme has many branches, so we've distilled it into a quick-browse list. See the full programme for booking details.


  • National Gallery paintings with lots of trees (23 May).
  • A session on oak processionary moths, which pose a public health threat (27 May).


  • The trees of Bloomsbury's squares (23 May).
  • A 'Tree of False' walkshop near the Imperial War Museum, busting myths about trees and helping you create a tree notebook (26 May).
  • A four mile healthy walk through Hillingdon’s Ten Acre and Gutteridge Woods (27 May).
  • A walkshop looking at London's plane trees, and the historic events they've lived through as 'silent witnesses' (28 May).
  • The trees of Greenwich Park (28 May).
  • The trees of the Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park (31 May).


  • Important trees of London, at City Hall. Ties in to the iPhone app mentioned above (26-29 May).



  • Family activities at Stave Hill Ecological Park (23 May).
  • Photograph as many species as you can in two days (23-24 May).
  • Help out with a bit of woodland management in Queens Wood (26 May), Dulwich Upper Wood (26 May) and Coldfall Woods, Muswell Hill (28 May).
  • Help out at a community plant nursery in Greenwich (26 May).
  • Launch of a new orchard at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (27 May).
  • London Tree and Woodland Awards at City Hall (27 May).
  • A photographic walkshop examining the 'Hardy Tree' in Old St Pancras churchyard (29-30 May).

London Tree Week, 23-31 May 2015, is organised by The Mayor of London's office. Follow @LDN_environment for updates.

See also: the secret history of the London plane tree.