Huge Collection Of Rare London Books For Sale

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Last Updated 27 April 2015

Huge Collection Of Rare London Books For Sale
First edition John Stow, 1598.
First edition John Stow, 1598.

Hawk Norton owns what might well be the world's largest private collection of books about London. His Brentford home is jammed to the rafters with around 5,000 volumes about the capital. He started his collection in 1976, acquiring books both modern and ancient. His personal library now contains everything from a 1598 first-edition of John Stow to Alan Johnson's London-set autobiography of last year.

The entire collection (except perhaps the precious Stow) is now up for sale, at prices ranging from £1 to £600. On our recent visit we picked up a Victorian volume on Southwark pubs, a monograph on the mythological origins of the capital and a 1960s guide to West End prostitution written by an ex-copper. Hawk also possesses a large collection of photos, artwork and antiquities related to the capital. If you enjoy reading about London, then this is your Aladdin's cave.

Hawk is keen to hear from anyone interested in making a purchase or two. Books can be sent by mail (with postage fee), or collected by appointment.

E-mail to request a catalogue.

Part of our series on collecting London. If you have an enormous collection of London-related memorabilia, be it books, prints, drawings, badges or even tourist tat, email [email protected].