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Best Of Londonist: Toast Mahal, Mail Rail And The London Marathon

Your Sunday morning best-of-Londonist weekly round-up sponsored this week by ZSL London Zoo.

The Queen celebrated her birthday this week. Photo: Martyn Lucy

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St Mary's Abbott's Hospital, Marloes Road. Photo: shadow_in_the_water

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FREE FILMS: New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival is underway, with 57 free films to choose from.

MASQUERADE BALL: The Young Professionals' Spring Masquerade Ball, continuing the tradition of the Venetian carnival and Royal Court, takes place at the Roof Gardens in Kensington. Live performers include dancers, musicians, acrobats and magicians. Age 21+. £27, 2 May, 7pm
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POETRY FOR DRUNKS: Think poetry or spoken word nights are high-brow or boring? Here’s an event that will change your mind.

WINE TASTING: Wine expert Simon Hadden is at Vivat Bacchus in Farringdon to talk about wine, particularly wines from the Rioja region. £20, 27 April, 7pm
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POLITICAL ART: Nothing escapes the clutches of the election, not even art. These four political exhibitions are designed to coincide with the run-up to the election.

UNDERSTANDING CHEESE: Running alongside the wine tasting at Vivat Bacchus (above) is a night focusing on the most mysterious cheese of all — blue cheese. Hear what makes it taste so good, learn about traditional and new production methods, and find out how those blue veins appear. £20, 27 April, 7pm
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BLUFF THE ELECTION: Political comedian Joe Wells hosts the guide to bluffing the general election at the Bourne & Hollingsworth Building in Finsbury. £10-£25, 28 April, 6.30pm/7.30pm
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BURLESQUE SHOW: Knightsbridge restaurant Privée dims the lights for a night of seductive, sultry burlesque, accompanied by a mezze selection and champagne cocktails. £10-£25, 30 April, 8.30pm
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