TfL Consultation Identifies East London Bridge Sites

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TfL Consultation Identifies East London Bridge Sites
Image of proposed Gallions Reach bridge released by Chamber of Commerce last year
Image of proposed Gallions Reach bridge released by Chamber of Commerce last year
TfL's proposed crossings at Belvedere and Gallions Reach
TfL's proposed crossings at Belvedere and Gallions Reach

A Transport for London (TfL) consultation on east London river crossings has identified Gallions Reach and Belvedere as potential sites for a new east London river crossing.

We feel like we've been writing about the lack of river crossings in the east and possible plans forever, and admittedly, TfL's consultation report, published yesterday, is just the latest in a series of tiny steps towards fixing the problem. Launched in July 2014, the consultation covered a replacement for the Woolwich ferry or a new ferry service at Gallions Reach, as well as fixed link crossings. It's the latter two which have come out as the most popular ideas.

The bridge at Gallions Reach would connect Thamesmead with Royal Docks, while the Belvedere site would connect north Bexley with Havering. TfL said that of 7,500 responses received, 90% were in favour of new river crossings in east London. London Mayor Boris Johnson said:

“Delivering new river crossings to the east is going to be vital to the future success and prosperity of the capital. They have the power to unlock areas for development, creating jobs and new homes, better connecting people, businesses and communities and helping manage the impact of population growth. We've built the Emirates Air Line and we're pressing ahead with the Silvertown Tunnel, but we're going to have to do much more if we're to meet the challenges that an ever-growing city presents. We know from this consultation that Londoners are overwhelmingly in support of new crossings and TfL will now be pushing full steam ahead with plans for Gallions Reach and Belvedere."

TfL says new crossings will offer opportunities for public transport as well as roads and is also looking at pedestrian and cycling provision.

Even without a predicted growth in east London's population of around 600,000 over the next 15 years, the need for more crossings in the east has been pressing for some time. Local residents and campaign group No To Silvertown Tunnel say further river crossings will increase the already awful air pollution in the area and cause severe congestion.

TfL will now put further work into developing options for bridges at Gallions Reach and Belvedere and launch a new consultation in autumn this year.

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Assuming that the current lack of bridges means that people currently have to drive many additional miles to complete their journeys, wouldn't the new bridges *help* with pollution levels, assuming that the decline in miles driven isn't offset by new journeys?


More consultations, more delays. Amusing how West London's vanity project - the Garden Bridge - gets fast tracked out of nowhere whereas the east London bridges have been in various states of consultation for decades.

Roger Manser

As usual TfL forgets about the pedestrians and cyclists who want to cross the river. Only motorists count.


How about pedestrian bridges between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe / Wapping and Bermondsey, etc.?

Greg Tingey

Wherever it is put, it absolutely MUST have DLR or Tram routes on it, to improve both "connectivity" & reduce pollution.

Frank Opinions

Only Boris the buffoon would have cancelled the fully planed, fully approved and fully funded Thames Gateway Bridge and subsequently spent a fortune on feasibility studies offering white elephant alternatives. How on earth did the capital vote for this idiot twice! The desperate need for multi-transport bridges in East London is an embarrassment to this great city.