Where Should The Cable Car Be Moved To?

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Where Should The Cable Car Be Moved To?

cable carNow that the Emirates Airline cable car has no regular commuters, the London Assembly Green Party has suggested in a press release that it be moved to a location where more people would use it.

We reported in July that numbers of people using the cable car had continued to fall — 853blog said in 2013 there were just four regular commuters but this has now dropped to a big fat zero. The Green Party's Darren Johnson said:

“These shocking figures go to show that the cable car was built in the wrong place and its ticketing policy is simply not fit for purpose. TfL should explore whether it could move the cable car to somewhere more useful.

The Mayor as head of TfL has the power to step in and turn the cable car’s fortunes around and the easiest way to plug the black hole in its finances would be to simply get more passengers through the turnstiles."

This got us wondering where the cable car would be most useful. Between City Hall and Tower Hill would offer some spectacular views for tourists, while London Bridge to Upper Thames Street would provide a helpful alternative for commuters while the upgrade work is going on at the station.

Update: We threw this question out to Londonist readers and got a fantastic response — it seems a lot of you would like to see the cable car moved. The most popular suggestion was Canary Wharf to Rotherhithe, not least to provide a way off the island when the Jubilee line and DLR fail. Lots of you wanted it to go from London Bridge and Waterloo to various places, including Monument, Tower Hill, Cannon Street and Canary Wharf.

Only a couple of you wanted it to go from your home to your workplace which would be great until you move house or change jobs. Less positive suggestions were the bin and the nearest scrapyard. The Middle East appears to be a popular destination too, with Dubai, the UAE and Qatar singled out. Also outside of London: France, Switzerland, Sheffield, Snowdonia and 'Up North'. Parks, the London Zoo and the Cutty Sark were suggested too.

Among our favourites were the location-specific Gunners Pub to the Emirates Stadium, Debden to St James' Park, Boris Johnson's house, the House of Commons to the bottom of the Thames and Victoria Park to Mare Street. We suspect some self-interest. A couple of you even wanted it left where it is.

Finally, kudos to Brian Butterworth in the comments below for actually mapping out a route which connects Canonbury, Forest Gate, Kidbrooke and Tulse Hill with Canary Wharf — we admire the extent of your vision.

Photo by Richard Watkins in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 18 December 2014


Canary wharf to...well anywhere! If the Jubilee line goes down it's torture trying to get out of there. The DLR and the Boats get totally rammed :(


Across to Canary Wharf from either North Greenwich or Rotherhithe would be ideal!


Move it to the proposed garden bridge site. Just put grass on top of the cable cars, a few pot plants in the cars themselves and no need for a garden bridge.


Leave it where it is. TfL are always accused of buildings
things too late (ie. station upgrades and line extensions), but with the cable
car it's a case of being too early. Sure it's underused now, but does anyone
honestly think that we won’t need a river crossing there in the future?


"the easiest way to plug the black hole in its finances would be to simply get more passengers through the turnstiles"

This isn't true. The easiest way would be to close it and just leave it there to rot. The daily running costs are incredibly high and every day we leave it running it just costs us more and more.


Canary Wharf to Canada Water !


"Commuters" down but actual "users" up. Does it matter whether they are regular users or one-time users? Fact of the matter is more people used it this year than last year. In my mind, that is a good thing.


Extend it to Greenwich and market it as a tourist attraction

Denis Mulford

It's to expensive and it goes nowhere unless you work at excel center


We've had tons of excellent suggestions including Boris Johnson's house, Marble Arch to TCR and erm... Qatar. I'll be updating the article on Thursday morning with some of the results. Keep them coming!

Jenn Sie

Waterloo to the City of London!! I hate the W&C line, and it's so congested. I want to avoid it.


How about Grays Riverside to London Paramount. Now theres an idea!!


Waterloo station to Blackfriars station across the river. Folk are always moaning that there's no direct bus service.

Jon Millwood

Leave it where it is but extend to Canary Wharf then Canada Water. There is a lack of pedestrian river crossings in these areas and provides back up for Jubilee line

Brian Butterworth

I hate to be all serious about this but I food some analysis of the needs of future connection for public transportation to Canary Wharf

Here my graphic attached.

The cable car would work well either from Canary Wharf DLR to Blackwall Lane or Deptford Park, as a useful link for people in the area, rather than duplication of DLR and Jubilee Line links.

full image at http://ukfree.tv/styles/images...

Alex Rook

Deptford near Convoys Wharf (where there are already many homes and about to be 4500 new ones) to Canary Wharf. There is plenty of space and it could be part of the Convoys Wharf redevelopment.

Greg Tingey

IF it is to be of any use, it must connect (really connect) with other tube/rail services. It does not do this at present.
Nowhere near LCR airport - it is a gross safety hazard at present
The actual carrying capacity is not that great, so you want somehwere where a new link is needed, which will get "good" custom, but not utterly wedged, like the "drain" for instance.
Canary Wharf to Surrey Quays?.
*cough * There IS the other alternative,of course, not really fit for a family magazine ...
Scrap most of it, but take one of the towers, find Boris, whose utterly daft "idea" this was, & insert the top ......

James Darnborough

It should stay where it is. As Newham and Royal Docks development gathers momentum it will get busier.


If it can be just picked up and move why not use it for the garden bridge site? They're both more tourist attraction than useful transport.


Install in the Olympic Park for a fun tourist ride over the stadium and wetlands for example and to get you from Stratford to the far side of the park




I thought the point was that it was part of regeneration... the DLR went to no-where for ages.

It would be good if they extended it to connect to Canary wharf jubilee line (through a clear tube sunk into wood wharf dock) but I think any talk of that was canned when the dome was denied its super casino.
Can't we just have more of them rather than move it anyway? London Bridge to the City perhaps?


Not sure this article is 100% accurate - I actually must be only commuter who uses this every day - i live near Royal Victoria DLR and work right next to the Cable car on the North Greenwich side. People do use this - they just may not be using their Oyster card to pay for it - the 10 journey multi-tickets are much cheaper - and no one is logging these being used!


Richmond park to Hampton court


It's just too costly for most Londoners living on an actual real wage to use for commuting. Just as the Shard is a stupid trip: £135 for a family to go up a lift? Go to Primrose Hill, Greenwich or Brockwell Park instead and the views are free.


It's just too costly for most Londoners living on an actual real wage.
Just as the Shard is a stupid trip: £135 for a family to go up a lift?
Go to Primrose Hill or Brockwell Park instead, it's free.


Move it?! Is that practical? Sounds madness.


Before moving it, they should try improving the pricing - its too expensive for practical commuting, and properly integrate it with Oyster / contactless so you can touch in at the gate without going to a ticket machine. Even better, integrate it into the zone pricing system so that it simply becomes part of the journey. They could still employ differential pricing for non-Oyster/contactless and at tourist popular times to keep that revenue stream.


Whether to move this cable-car or start with a new one my suggestion would be to have cable cars running along Oxford Street and Regent Street with an intersection at Oxford Circus. This would enable significant pedestrianisation of these two roads. Funding (part of full) could be obtained via planning fees that would be obtained by the undoubted requests from the shops to increase the number of storeys they had to enable displays etc to be at eye level of the passing shoppers. Integration with Oyster essential

Greg Tingey


Before a plane crashes into it.


or aim tourist attractions around the stops so tourists will use it

Stuart Creed

Keep it there but make the price £1 and the numbers will increase ! it doesn't have to include the experiences !

Dave Pearce

I just think it's too expensive as a means of commuting, but if anyone can afford it its the over paid Canary Wharf mob.