Photo Challenge: Snap All Three Boris Bike Colours Together

By M@ Last edited 47 months ago
Photo Challenge: Snap All Three Boris Bike Colours Together

Blue and red, but no yellow. Photo by M@.

As we speak, Barclays Cycle Hire is slowly transforming into Santander Cycles. The sponsor has changed, and the blue bikes of old are turning red. But there's also a third species of bicycle doing the rounds. A small number of yellow cycles, originally introduced in the run up to the Tour de France, are still in circulation (see pic below).

So here's your challenge. Can you photograph all three flavours of 'Boris bike' in the same place? Blue + Red + Yellow, like the Romanian flag.

We'll give a cycling-themed prize (probably some books and maps) to the first person who can email such a picture to, and we'll then post the best photos on the site. You can also enter by uploading your image to our Flickr pool.

Yellow and blue, but no red. By psyxjaw in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Maybe you'll get your shot by sheer happenstance, if you see the three together, or you can purposely try and hire the chromatic siblings and bring them together. The only rule is you're not allowed to use Photoshop or other image software to artificially create the scene.

Last Updated 19 March 2015