In My Footsteps: East End Residents Share Their Special Places

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In My Footsteps: East End Residents Share Their Special Places

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Here's a rather wonderful community project in which to immerse yourself. In My Footsteps is a website and app that's awash with tales from the East End, as told by residents of various ages and backgrounds.

Each resident shares his or her memories through video, audio, old maps and photographs. One contributor, 15-year-old Milanda, even uses animation to give an impressionistic take on Poplar.

This is addictive stuff. We've seen many, many digital area guides over the years, but this one has real heart and a genuine sparkle of authenticity. Whether it's Joe recounting his final walk through Poplar before wartime evacuation, or relative newcomer Joyce offering poetic insights into Limehouse's redevelopment, each contributor commands your attention. Participants were encouraged to use local archives to add depth to their monologues, imbuing the mix with a winning combination of personal memory and research.

Have a play with the site or, better yet, download the GPS-enabled app for Android and iOS and follow in the footsteps of these 16 contributors.

In My Footsteps was created by Manifesta, a cultural diversity, social inclusion and anti-racism organisation.

Last Updated 28 March 2015

Herts Cockney

Thanks Matt, wonderful! I grew up in Poplar when there were still plenty of WW2 bombsites to play on and I remember well many of the streets mentioned in the various stories. Great that this project features the perspectives of present day East Enders of all ages. Well done to all concerned.

susan butler

Hello east enders does anyone have any stories about a very large family who lived at 43 old fish street called the goodgers my mum was patrica and she had a identical twin sister ivy also other sisters and brothers I would love 2 hear more about them all and see some photos if anyone has any xxx to u real eastenders