Spotted These Colourful Pigeons In Soho Square Yet?

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Last Updated 30 March 2015

Spotted These Colourful Pigeons In Soho Square Yet?

Banned from Trafalgar Square, targeted by hawks, mangled of toe and beak, and generally dismissed as flying rats, the pigeon has a rough time of it in London. Look to the lampposts of Soho Square and Greek Street, however, and you'll find a flock of pigeons to warm the heart.

These vibrant birds descended on the square a couple of months ago, and will hang around until early May. The multi-coloured troupe are the creation of Patrick Murphy, working with Sim Smith Gallery. In making the maligned avians stand out, he wants us to think about other groups who are marginalised, particularly the homeless.

The pigeons are for sale (email [email protected] for details), with proceeds going towards the House of St Barnabas and its mission to help the homeless get back into work. You can also follow @SimSmithGallery by 3 May for the chance to win one of these curious birds. Otherwise, just head along to the square and ponder this peculiar intervention.