What Are Londoners Saying About CommuterClub?

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What Are Londoners Saying About CommuterClub?

This is a sponsored article on behalf of CommuterClub.


CommuterClub is the company that can help you get an Annual Travelcard without having to pay thousands of pounds up front. They provide a simple loan, repayable in 11 monthly instalments, leaving you with one month to enjoy payment-free (representative APR 14.1%.).

Sounds good, but a personal recommendation can really help make up your mind. At Londonist Towers, it took one person to sign up and love the service for two others to follow. So, what are people saying about CommuterClub? We had a look at Twitter.

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Check out more feedback on Feefo and CommuterClub will gladly connect you with other customers if you would like to quiz them. Tweet @CommuterClubUK or email info@commuterclub.co.uk

Find out how much you could save and join the club at www.commuterclub.co.uk. Once you’ve joined and are happy, refer friends to earn cash back!

Last Updated 01 June 2016