Mysterious Musician Releases Third Single For Free

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Last Updated 27 February 2015

Mysterious Musician Releases Third Single For Free

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Who needs a record label these days? That's the mantra of London-based musician Egomunk, who is releasing his third single, Footsteps To Mars, for free.

It might seem like a crackers strategy at a time when the record industry is hand-wringing about illegal downloads, but it's not proving a barrier to success for Egomunk. Not only has he been hailed as one of the most successful unsigned artists of all time, he's also already notched up 170,000 free downloads of his debut album via his website.

In a further nose-thumb to the industry, Egomunk also keeps his identity secret, preferring to "let the music speak for itself". It's a non-conventional approach which certainly seems to be getting people talking — he's been featured in the national press including The Sun and the Evening Standard as well as in reputable music blogs.

But the London-based artist, although anonymous, makes sure to connect with his audiences by getting them involved in his projects and hosting crowd-sourced competitions to have their work featured in his music videos, including this new release which was made by a previous Ego View participant. Videos have also raised money for good causes, such as the Samaritans charity.

The new single is a cinematic, haunting work, with delicate piano melodies tinkling through washes of over-driven electric guitar. With the album described as "Wonky Folk", parallels have been drawn between his work and that of Bon Iver and Coldplay.

Decide for yourself. You can watch the video for Footsteps to Mars above, and download it for free at And if you like what you hear, keep your ears open for the possible announcement of a secret London gig coming soon.