Mysterious Musician Releases Third Single For Free

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Mysterious Musician Releases Third Single For Free

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Who needs a record label these days? That's the mantra of London-based musician Egomunk, who is releasing his third single, Footsteps To Mars, for free.

It might seem like a crackers strategy at a time when the record industry is hand-wringing about illegal downloads, but it's not proving a barrier to success for Egomunk. Not only has he been hailed as one of the most successful unsigned artists of all time, he's also already notched up 170,000 free downloads of his debut album via his website.

In a further nose-thumb to the industry, Egomunk also keeps his identity secret, preferring to "let the music speak for itself". It's a non-conventional approach which certainly seems to be getting people talking — he's been featured in the national press including The Sun and the Evening Standard as well as in reputable music blogs.

But the London-based artist, although anonymous, makes sure to connect with his audiences by getting them involved in his projects and hosting crowd-sourced competitions to have their work featured in his music videos, including this new release which was made by a previous Ego View participant. Videos have also raised money for good causes, such as the Samaritans charity.

The new single is a cinematic, haunting work, with delicate piano melodies tinkling through washes of over-driven electric guitar. With the album described as "Wonky Folk", parallels have been drawn between his work and that of Bon Iver and Coldplay.

Decide for yourself. You can watch the video for Footsteps to Mars above, and download it for free at And if you like what you hear, keep your ears open for the possible announcement of a secret London gig coming soon.

Last Updated 27 February 2015

Dispirited in Bognor

Oh dear. This is depressing. I really hope this is a joke or some kind of art project to demonstrate how easily people can be misled.

Let’s say for I minute I accept the fact that ‘in the world we live in’ Londonist needs to run sponsored content (nb I don’t accept this). Nonetheless is there not a responsibility to provide a minimum of scrutiny to ensure that your users are not being actively deceived?

If ‘egomunk’ is not a joke then this is one of the grossest acts of hypocrisy.
From the Drowned in Sound blog (incidentally another ‘sponsored’ post), the ‘great and mysterious’ egomunk himself bemoans the music industry for “corralling fans through hype and faked peer pressure”... In a sponsored post! A perusory glance at his youtube videos shows that most have fewer than 100 views except for one that has over 200-thousand. A source close to YouTube suggests that “nearly all of these views originate from Eastern Europe and Africa” – certainly an artist with a global appeal then! Anybody who is not aware of the prevalence of YouTube view buying should educate themselves to this (perhaps there will soon come a time when such pernicious disinformation will not be so easy to detect). Egomunk’s Twitter feed shows a dazzling lack of activity from anyone but himself. So in actual fact plenty of “corralling fans through hype and faked peer pressure” then. If egomunk’s “170,000” downloads represents the real level of interest in this artist I will eat my own poo.

With more and more of this kind of stuff going on, we have to trust our personal taste and genuine ‘word of mouth’. So, as for the songs themselves (and this is just my personal judgement of course) they are wholly average with some nice (if dazzlingly unoriginal) arrangement/production flourishes. To my ears they sound badly mixed as well.

As a musician who is trying to make my way without resorting to ripping anyone off, I find this whole thing deeply dispiriting. Who knew giving something away for free could be done so cynically?

Who is egomunk? Who could it be? Who is this mysterious nobody with mediocre songs? I must know!!

PS to check out my music visit www.... [just kidding!]

James Webb

Very interesting comments from 'Dispirited in Bognor' - I feel 'Disgruntled in Bognor' would suit the personality more.

Firstly, the music industry is changing and there no point arguing the facts on that. Sponsored content is something that happens in nearly 1 out of 3 articles. So nothing new there. We live in a world where musicians can put there music out on the internet for the public to listen to at the drop of a hat. There is fierce competition in the music industry now and there are various ways people can go about it. You would be a fool to think that everything in the music industry is organic.

You can pick out pieces from social media and YouTube videos as you see fit however I actually started following egomunk just before Christmas and I personally enjoy his music. Yes there is only one album however 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

Its nice you took all that time to go through his videos however the majority of videos on his channel are from a competition he did last year where he let the public create videos with no limits on creativity.

I am a musician myself and yes I try hard, I gig every week and i try to create as much publicity around myself as I can.

What you have seemed of missed is the meaning behind what egomunk is doing. Its not about making money or becoming famous or any of that materialistic stuff it is making people aware that unsigned bands need to be in the spotlight more and get more recognition.

Whoever this guy is, you cant knock his values. You might not agree with how he has done it however you would be incredibly stupid to think this is 'one of the grossest acts of hypocrisy'

170,000 downloads, fair enough. ITS FREE. There are billions of people on this planet and you think people don't want free stuff?

I think you will have to let this one go and try to see the bigger picture here.


hmmm videos kl. I could spark up and relax to it ;)

Jack Amrod

How and where do we sign up for details of the secret gig? I'm a promoter in London and wud love to b involved.