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London News Roundup

Photo of the crashed bus by @ethanameade.

Last Updated 02 February 2015


Re the cancelled comedy gig, Goldsmith's say
Information regarding cancelled comedy event
An SU spokesperson said: “The Goldsmiths comedy society is a small volunteer led group. They made this decision independently from the Union and we support their right to decide who plays their gigs.”
The Comedy Society President said:
“Despite many complaints from students about the content of Kate’s act in the past we were planning to go ahead with the gig until Kate told me 24 hours before that there was likely to be a picket with lots of students and non students outside the venue. I couldn’t verify this. Up to this point we had only sold 8 tickets so I decided to pull the plug.”
Goldsmiths Feminist Society said: "Goldsmiths Feminist Society did not no platform Kate Smurthwaite and had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the show."

K8's done well milking it for publicity, though.


Why is the Evening Standard reporting that one of the bus victims is Asian? Price of fish and all that. Didn't state the ethnicity of anyone else including the person speaking to them.