Work To Renovate Centre Point Starts Today

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 39 months ago
Work To Renovate Centre Point Starts Today

Work to redevelop Centre Point and the surrounding area starts today. As well as renovating the Grade II listed tower, a new square with shops and restaurants will be created underneath. The tower will be wrapped in artwork by fashion and design company Eley Kishimoto for most of the construction time (it'll take six months to put up).

82 new flats will be built inside Centre Point — the press release describes it as "some of the most desirable real estate in the world" so the likes of us can forget about living there, although 13 'affordable' homes will also be built in the complex. (See our exasperated articles on 'affordable rent' and shared ownership if you're wondering why we're using sarcastic quotation marks.)

As for the designs of the new square... It's just more bland, glass boxes, isn't it? That area is admittedly grim at the moment, but these designs remind us of characterless Canary Wharf. And we've lost Koreatown because of this. Oh well, at least — judging by the video — there'll be a charcuterie.

This should all be finished by summer 2017, well in time for Crossrail, which is expected to flood the area with visitors.

Last Updated 26 January 2015


Shame the visitors could be in any city in the world.Utterly soulless. People are sharing a room with strangers to be able to live in London ! Sheer greed, Alas poor Denmark Street, I knew it well.


They mockedu p pictures of those handful of days per year when eating outdoors in London actually works. There should be a law that architects renders show realistic London weather - i.e. grey, overcast, with people wearing coats trudging through high winds and rain. We can call it Lowry's law (after the painter of course).


Centre Point is an architectually interesting landmark London building that I always enjoy looking at. There used to be a wonderfully quirky fountain array set in an azure blue pool out front of the original building, I was hoping the new owners might have restored & kept the feature, but I don't see it in the artist impressions of the development.


the whole area was awful considering how central it was so anything is better than the tat that was there before - the tower should never have been built in the first place it's far too big for me the best improvement would be *FINALLY* admit it was a mistake and to knock the bloody thing down - all they ahve been doing since it went up is trying to make the best of a bad job - you can't polish a turd