Centre Point’s Koreatown Wiped Out By Crossrail

Ben Norum
By Ben Norum Last edited 42 months ago
Centre Point’s Koreatown Wiped Out By Crossrail

Bibimbap by Foodieguide from the Londonist Flickr pool

As Crossrail continues to decimate the dusty space around Tottenham Court Road station, its latest victims are the area’s famed cluster of Korean restaurants — forced to close to make way for our glorious railway.

The restaurants were frequented mainly by Korean expats, including a high proportion of Korean students from nearby universities UCL, LSE and King’s College. The result was restaurants which were often shabby, but which served unquestionably authentic food at very low prices.

Restaurants Assa, Po Cha, Seoul Bakery and Woo Jung — all located on St Giles High Street — have closed. There is no word yet of any of them reopening elsewhere, and it’s hard to imagine seeing similar places anywhere near as centrally again. The Centre Point Food Store, which stocks mainly Korean foods, has moved down the road towards Holborn station.

Take solace in the fact that there are still plenty of places around town to get your Korean fix — especially in the so-called Little Korea community of New Malden, but also more centrally. See our pick of London’s Best Korean Restaurants for some inspiration.

Last Updated 23 January 2015

Frank Norman

Very sad. We want Koreatown back!

fluffy thoughts

sad, but the last time i went to Assa, last year, I sat at the bar to eat, and watched a cockroach roaming back and forth along the bar... kinda turned my stomach, and never been back.


Korea Korea we want it back NOW

Alex M

There is a second branch of Assa in soho on Romilly street. Less shabby with the same prices. I will miss the Korean flag ceiling mural.

Neil Evans

There's lots to mourn that's been wiped from the face of London by crossrail... but those restaurants were filthy dirty, I'm amazed they stayed open as long as they did.


Cheer up, you got 2 great noodle bars round the back!


Po Cha was my favourite restaurant in London. I went once a month and turned up last night to find the who avenue boarded up. I am devastated.