Reserve Tickets For The Walkie Talkie Sky Garden

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 40 months ago
Reserve Tickets For The Walkie Talkie Sky Garden
Matt at the top of the Walkie Talkie during construction
Matt at the top of the Walkie Talkie during construction
How the Sky Garden was meant to look.
How the Sky Garden was meant to look.

Tickets for the new Sky Garden at the top of the Walkie Talkie are available to reserve for entry from 12 January. Unsurprisingly, the website appears to be struggling under the pressure, so bear with it. Ian Visits says that apparently the booking website's been available for months, it's just that nobody's been able to find the thing.

It's billed as London's newest public park, but as Rowan Moore deftly points out in the Guardian it's privately owned, so we can add it to the ever-growing list of places that look public but are actually private (see: More London, Broadgate, Canary Wharf). That's obvious enough by the need to book tickets at least three days in advance and you'll also need to go through airport-style security. Once up there you'll be able to gaze at the view — as demonstrated above by our editor at large Matt Brown when he visited during construction — or eat and drink at three bars and restaurants. Or just pretend to be controlling the giant death ray. Your call.

Last Updated 05 January 2015


Booked! 'Public park' may be stretching it a bit though... 'observation deck with a few trees' might be a more accurate description.

Looking at the menus for the restaurants up there, none of them seem to be offering a decent weekend brunch (a la Duck and Waffle) - shame.


Best selling point: It's the only place in London where you can't see the Walkie Talkie.


how did they get away with sticking a big corporate events space/restaurant in the middle of what should have been the 'garden'? Did they have to submit a planning amendment? How sad to have filled what looks like a potentially stunning space with a big box in the middle

David Davies

Booked for next week - rather taken aback that it is free!

Lynda Snell

I understand it is a condition of the planning consent that Skygarden is open to the public lets hope people visit otherwise the owners might feel they have a case for that to be changed. I have booked but only managed to find the page via link on Ian Visits blog, as he says not easy to find!


when does feb booking open

Jonathan Friday

Booked but cannot access the website or print tickets.

Jackie Wu

How do you proceed to book it? I keep getting an error at selecting how many people to be booked :/

the error message is:
System.Web: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: child


I'm trying to book for a family of 6, but keeps coming back with quantity cannot be null???


The death ray was **THE BEST** thing about this hideously ugly blot on the London landscape. I experienced the full force of its beam one awesome lunchtime. My hair started going crispy!!

Bob Barter Booked very easily!! I find it incredible that people always find something to moan about, it's free, so lets just enjoy that and the view of a wonderful city!


Are u fully booked on the 22nd january me and my friend would like to go up for my birthday in the afternoon if possible?


I can't access the website ;(


I'm trying to book for 3 weeks in advance, but it already is all sold out. Can they make an exception? You can only book for the dates 3 weeks in advance, so I could not have done it earlier.. and it's my birthday then :-(. If I go on another day next month it won't be as specia.