Rivers Of London: Amazing Hand-Drawn Map By Stephen Walter

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Last Updated 17 October 2016

Rivers Of London: Amazing Hand-Drawn Map By Stephen Walter
Higher resolution available here.

This map from artist Stephen Walter shows the many rivers that feed into the River Thames in London. From the Beverley Brook in the west to the Quaggy in the east, the map reveals the hidden vasculature of the city, and all in the artist's unique style.

Stephen also includes watery features other than rivers. The water ring main that fuels our taps, various canal systems, ancient wells and springs all crowd onto the map, along with ancient trackways and landmarks.

Without roads, or parks, or settlements, this is something like the landscape known to the Romans, who first built up the city that would one day be called London. And yet there are plenty of references to the modern age, too. The docks of the Isle of Dogs are intact; Oval cricket ground stands as an island in the Effra; even the proposed Thames 'supersewer' finds a place. The work is full of cute touches to make you ponder, including plenty of etymology and folklore. A £ symbol nestles in the marshes of Chelsea, while a trolley can be found in Hackney Marshes.

The map follows on from previous cartographic masterpieces by the same artist, including his intense, personal mapping of Greater London in The Island (2006-2008), and its subterranean sequel (2012).

You can view the full map at TAG Fine Arts, inside the Business Design Centre on Upper Street. Prints are also available.