Stephen Walter's Map Of Subterranean London

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Last Updated 26 February 2019

Stephen Walter's Map Of Subterranean London

There's an old and apocryphal London saying that you're never more than six feet away from a rat. This map from Stephen Walter shows how you're never more than a furlong from a subterranean oddity.

Walter has painstakingly charted the buried rivers, tube lines, bunkers, sewers, government tunnels and other hypogeal secrets of London. He's also included mysterious and underworld elements, such as unsolved murders, ley lines and pagan burial sites. Like his famed 2008 work The Island, to which this is a companion piece, London Subterranea (2012) is a mesmerising tagliatella, combining painstaking research with artistic whimsy.

We can't reproduce the whole thing in high-res, but you can get a good eyeful here. Parts of the map are reproduced here courtesy of TAG Fine Arts, who represent the artist.

The map features in our book, Londonist Mapped, available now in hardcover, for just £11.89.

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