Coming Soon: The 'Can Of Ham' Tower

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Coming Soon: The 'Can Of Ham' Tower

The Can of Ham. Inset: an actual can of ham, yesterday.

The 'Can of Ham', a long-stalled building for the City of London, now looks likely to go ahead. According to Construction News, Mace has been appointed to build the arching tower, properly called 60-70 St Mary Axe.

The 24-floor office building was proposed as long ago as 2008, but stalled during the recent economic downturn. The appointment of a construction company should now see the distinctive tower, designed by Foggo Associates, take shape soon. It seems to be an unwritten rule of London that all towers must have a nickname. The likeness to a can of ham is rather persuasive, though perhaps less palatable to those using the oldest British synagogue in continuous use, across the street in Bevis Marks.

The Can of Ham joins the neighbouring Cheesegrater and Gherkin in an east City skyline increasingly based on a Famous Five picnic. All that’s missing is The Ginger Beer tower.

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Last Updated 17 January 2015

Bungee Bungalow

You wanted a ginger beer tower? Yes, I'll construct that for you!


Then you have some gherkin with some ham... oh the hilarity of it all.


why not the more familiar 'sardine tin'?

christopher fowler

Shouldn't it be Tin of Ham Tower, for the sake of alliteration?


Gosh another building in the centre of London. Good job there is lots of
room for more commuters on the overcrowded transport infrastructure. Sky high rents, sky high commuting costs, when the location of a workplace, such as offices, no longer needs to be within walking distance of its market due to our amazing IT infrastructure (haven't they heard of email, telephone, teleconferencing, home working, skype, etc?).


Reminds me a lot of a building I saw in Beijing a few years ago:

Same architect / developer?

Maureen Demar Hall

Too bad it wasn't shaped like a can of Spam.......but then again..... ;-)


I suspect it might become the Spam Tower. Not because it's the correct shape, but it's just too good a name not to use, isn't it?

Joanna Biddolph

Based on Famous Five picnics, doesn't that mean we are due buildings in the shape of a plum, a radish, and a bar of chocolate? But which bar of chocolate?


Ew, no. I'm a big fan of all the other high-rises under construction in the City, they really give the skyline some character, but this... nope.