Video: We Got An Exclusive First Look At The New Tottenham Court Road Station

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 40 months ago
Video: We Got An Exclusive First Look At The New Tottenham Court Road Station

From 12 January the Tottenham Court Road (TCR) station you all know and love/loathe will no longer exist. One phase of the building works, which have been taking place for over a year, will be completed when the Northern line part of the new station opens.

The work — costing over £1bn including Crossrail — means a larger ticket hall, different entrances, more escalators, step-free access, and much more. While you now only have a month left to experience the TCR you are familiar with, the Eduardo Paolozzi mosaics, installed in 1984, are being preserved.

We got an exclusive peek behind the blue hoardings, to take a first look at the new station. And, as you'll see from the video, it's impressive.

The next phase of works will be on the Central Line section of the station, meaning Central Line trains will not stop at TCR throughout 2015.

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Dates to remember:

2 January: last Central line trains for a year
9 January: last chance to see the current ticket hall as you know and love it
12 January: first day new Northern line ticket hall is open

This is the first in a series of videos where we take you behind the hoardings of TfL's major tube upgrades to give you an exclusive look at what all this building work is producing.

Featured image by Ian Muttoo, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 03 December 2014

Martyn P White

Love it! Tottenham Court Road Station has to be one of the ugliest and difficult stations on the underground so it it fantastic to see it getting a much needed refurbishment and expansion! :)

Geoff Marshall

So, as far as we're aware the entrances on the NW (Burger King), SW (the one with the corridor) and SE corners (Centrepoint) are being shut down, the only exisiting one that will remain in the NE corner (Dominion theatre, Solarbox).

There is then the new MAIN entrance on the SW corner, and then two new 'glass' entrances on the eastern side by centrepoint.

Geoff Marshall

Also, more info for you on the the graphic in the video:

YELLOW - is the new ticket office area (as shown in the video)
PURPLE - is the new escalators down to the Northern Line (also in the video)
PINK - is the *existing* corridors of Tottenham Court Road station, but ooh, look at the...
ORANGE bit! A new large section of corridor for the Central Line, the SW corner of which comes up on Dean Street (new!)
LIGHT BLUE - is Crossrail. this part not open until 2018 at the earliest

Beau Hampton

Must go and have a proper look, before and after photos too with any luck. Missed King Cross Thameslink and Shoreditch before they closed.

anne mullane

Are they keeping the Paolozzi mosaics?

Andrew Tiffin

So this contains a future secret of the Northern line


As with the Kings Cross underground station extensions, the decor and overall style of the new areas look like they're going to be really bland. At least the jubilee line extension developments had a particular look. But a minor quibble really; it's going to be so much better that the existing station

PTC Photo

if we end up missing it, we can revisit the tunnels by watching American Werewolf in London :)


I can't see the video as the advert is covering it. The x to exit the ad is missing too. Grrrr

Roger Manser

Great to see a revamped station - has Londonist ever done a story on completely new stations that British Rail, the private rail companies, TfL etc could build??? I remember stories on old stations, but how about a new stop on the Jubilee Line at City Hall/More London? And while you are about it, you can add in possible new bus and tram stops?


Is it just my experience or are almost all non-essential lifts (i.e. those that are not the only access to platforms) on the Tube usually broken or roped off with a "see station staff for use" sign? It's almost as if they don't want to spoil us :-)


Super that this once boring and depressing station will have a makeover but I do feel sorry for the people using it as they will ultimately be coughing up the funds for the revamp in their ticket prices.

Melvyn Windebank

Anything will be an improvement on the terrible station TCR now is with crampt booking hall and subways to small plus need to trudge up and down stairs which is even worse for those with luggage, shopping, prams or disabled or elderly.

The H&C part of Paddington Station was the first to benefit from Crossrail and now TCR will start to open up with no doubt others to follow in the next couple of years even if it means temporary closures like the Central Line will have this year for same reason that Northern Line was closed for platform re profiling and construction of lift and stair access .

TCR could soon be growing again as it's the planned interchange with Crossrail 2 !

Peter Bailey

Wonder if they're going to fix the problem of pedestrians overflowing from the station into the road