London Gift Guide: Secrets Of The Underground DVD

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London Gift Guide: Secrets Of The Underground DVD

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Secrets of the Underground

Geoff Marshall's Secrets of the Underground videos are now available as a totally Tube-tastic DVD just in time for Christmas.

It includes the whole Secrets of the Underground series re-edited and polished up, bonus Docklands Light Railway video, PLUS a whole new, exclusive abandoned tube stations film (12 minutes long) — currently only available on this DVD — and 20 minutes of outtakes and extras for the super-fans.

Here's Geoff to tell you more:

This marvellous DVD costs £12 per copy.It is region-free and can be played anywhere in the world.

Please note that we are no longer selling the DVDs through our website. If you're interested in getting a copy, you can find Secrets of the Underground DVD on sale both at London Transport Museum shop and Museum of London shop.

For any question, please email [email protected].

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Last Updated 20 November 2014