Designs For New Public Square At Battersea Power Station

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 41 months ago
Designs For New Public Square At Battersea Power Station

Sometimes it feels like property developers aren't even trying to hide the fact they're flogging off new homes overseas. Today, designs for a new public square at Battersea Power Station were unveiled — in Malaysia, in the presence of the Malaysian Prime Minister. Oh, and the new space will be called Malaysia Square.

The developers behind Battersea are Malaysian, and the project has been widely criticised for flogging the first tranche of luxury pads to overseas investors. Mind you, given some of the prices of these things (the top market properties are ludicrous. Studios start at £800,000, which rather begs the question: if you have £800,000, why are you buying a studio flat?) it's obvious they were never meant for the likes of us. Indeed, one flat has already been sold for a profit of half a million quid, despite it not actually existing yet.

Boris Johnson is in Malaysia as part of his tour of Southeast Asia, and was questioned about the lack of affordable housing in the Battersea development (just 16% of the 3,500 homes planned are deemed 'affordable', though you might want to read our opinions about what's known as 'affordable' housing these days). The Mayor said that around 60% of the homes would go to UK passport holders, telling critics to "put that in their pipe and smoke it", further referring to them as "gloomadon poppers". (Anyone playing their mayoral repetitious phrase buzzword bingo card, down a shot for each of these.)

Malaysia Square will link the southern entrance of the restored power station to Electric Boulevard, plans for which were released by Foster and Partners, and Gehry Partners in April. The square looks like a pair of nostrils with a monocle to us, but maybe we're a bit sleep-deprived. Also: there must be a better name for these public spaces. Flying Pig Court, perhaps? Got any better ideas? Stick 'em in the comments.

Last Updated 01 December 2014


Not that I disagree with the article but Malaysia is mainly a Muslim-dominant country and suggesting Flying Pig Court as a name is just a tad insensitive and not very cultural-savvy


Why not Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Square


God that looks like shit.

David Davies

Anonymous: the flying pig suggestion has nothing to do with your fears of muslim hypersensitvity or apparent cultural savvy - it refers to the Pink Floyd pig which never quite flew over Battersea Power Station. If malaysian investors are as sensitive as you suggest, perhaps they'll pull out? But I suspect not.

I fear the suggestion has pushed your hypersensitive political correctness button, and it's got stuck, leading you to write what you did. You have demonstrated your not very cultural savvy mindset by not understanding the cultural importance of Pink Floyd, the flying pig and Battersea Power Station, which are all about as British as you can get, and the redevelopment is taking place in London, not Malaysia.

Francis Bacon, the artist, lived and worked in Battersea for years - what do you suggest we do about that cultural nugget?

Beth Williams

Who cares what the Moslems think? We live in a Christian country. If they
can't take a joke about a flying pig then they should move elsewhere.


Boooooo! What's that?? To be honest this was one of my fav spot in London. You know, it's not always good to combine old and contemporary features and this is a clear example! Not to mention the rest.
By the way who suggested the flying pig court name is a pure genius. I vote for that name to be taken!


Well, they might call it that, but doesn't mean the rest of us can't refer to it as something else. Why doesn't Londonist hold a vote on a better name, and we start to popularise that instead, just in time for it opening?

Andy Brice

London being bought up by overseas developers is not ideal. But then Battersea was lying derelict for nearly 40 years, so at least someone's finally doing something with it.


I'm dumbstruck as to what to say in regard to this. Absurd is one but really, it's in London, it's in the UK fgs call it something British!!!


Wow. Not a single bit of greenery there - except on the roofs. Which will be private.

Steven Heath

I think the name should be connected with the area . It's a great pity Chelsea FC didn't push a bit harder to do the development , another lost opportunity .

Steven Heath

Why don't we Londoner's give this Battersea Power Station Square our own name , lots of places are know by local nicknames . My name would be "Chimney Pot Square" .


It looks like the coldest, most impersonal place on earth. At least it will reflect that half the properties will be empty or on short term lets most of the time. A great place to commit suicide.