London News Roundup

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 42 months ago
London News Roundup

Nothing whatsoever to do with the weekend's news, but look at its little face! Photo by vgallova from the Londonist Flickr pool

  • Protesters wanting roads to be 'fit for humans' filled the streets around Oxford Street on Saturday.
  • Dianne Abbott and Margaret Hodge have been setting out their credentials to be Labour's mayoral candidate.
  • One of the men recently arrested on suspicion of terrorism has been released without charge.
  • A woman in South Norwood has been found dead after a house fire.
  • An unmarked police car has hit a 10 year old boy while responding to an emergency.
  • Danish drug reformers have launched a magazine to give drug users a legitimate source of income.
  • In Parliament Square, leaves don't just fall off trees. A gardener picks them off by hand.
  • "Nine Elms is really a slum for rich people": an excellent interview with former City of London chief planner Peter Wynne Rees.
  • Cumberbatch's Sherlock beats Radcliffe's Potter in the top trumps of attracting people to London.
  • 'Your sandwich may pose a terrorist threat, sir': food is being confiscated from crowds watching the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena.

Last Updated 16 November 2014


Bad link for the final bullet point. Love the photo!


Saw that FT article with Peter Wynne Rees & loved it. He's a sad loss to the City powers that be - I may not always have agreed with him, but at least he's alive and not afraid to speak up. I still think NQW's interview with him was one of Londonist Out Loud's finest hours. Can we not find a way to parachute him into City Hall as a counterpoint to the idiot BoJo?

NB: it would be really helpful if Londonist would start indicating which links are to sites requiring subscriptions / limited number of free articles pcm.