Five Cocktails To Try In London This Month

By Janan Jay Last edited 115 months ago

Last Updated 21 November 2014

Five Cocktails To Try In London This Month
Caviar Martini at Nobu Berkeley ST
Caviar Martini at Nobu Berkeley ST
La Poderosa at El Nivel
La Poderosa at El Nivel
The Lost Steps at Megaro Bar
The Lost Steps at Megaro Bar
Whitehall Lady at Bassoon Bar, Corinthia Hotel
Whitehall Lady at Bassoon Bar, Corinthia Hotel
Woodland Martini at 69 Colebrook Row
Woodland Martini at 69 Colebrook Row

This month we’ve been swimming in a fair amount of fizz, tequila, cardamom flavours and a damn decadent martini (or five) for good measure.

Woodland Martini
Available at: 69 Colebrook Row
Created by: Tony Conigliaro
Costs: £9.50

Winter is here and so is the new menu from this iconic, 23rd best bar in the world. Reminiscent of the lesser-known Barbara West (which this Londonista is quite partial to) this forest-inspired incarnation sees gin paired with Amontillado sherry twisted with homemade bitters (tea, shitake, oak) and topped with a pickled walnut, to reflect the sensation of walking the autumnal woodland trails of Portland, Oregon. A well balanced, stiff and beautiful drink which will delight gin and sherry lovers looking for a difference.

Want to make Tony's cocktails at home?  Get your hands on a signed copy of the book, 69 Colebrook Row

Caviar Martini
Available at: Nobu Berkeley ST
Created by: Flavio Carenzi, Bar manager
Costs: £16, £24 with Caviar

Perfect for martini lovers with something to celebrate (or, you know, maybe just because it’s a Friday) this wonderfully decedent, one-of-a-kind concoction uses the much-feted Russian Oscietra Caviar in its bespoke handcrafted bitters, provided exclusively by the Devils Club. Served up with a side of caviar (for a rounded sip-and-taste experience) and stirred with premium vodka, the result is smooth and subtle - while pleasantly palatable it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Spendy? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely.

Lost steps
Available at: Megaro Bar, El Nivel, Tequila & Mezcal Fest 2014
Created by: Ben and Nico of Megaro
Costs: £9

Hey, so, there’s this thing going on this weekend called Tequila & Mezcal Fest 2014 - and this is one of the stars of the show. Created by the talented guys at Megaro Bar, it's a mix of Ocho blanco, cardamom tea and a hint of chartreuse. A simply delicious sweet and light tipple that’s taken off in a big way, being both a festival favourite and making an appearance on the winter menu at El Nivel, speaking of which …

La Poderosa
Available at: El Nivel
Created by: Massimiliano Faveretto, general manager
Costs: £12

Another tequila-based offering, this time from one of the newest Mezcal bars offering mouth-watering Mexican food to spring up in the capital. This hidden hangout nestled above La Pearla in Covent Garden presents mezcal, sweetened with agave and topped with sparkling wine, with hints of lavender, cardamom and a touch of lime. Despite being a tad on the boozy side - it’s refreshing and really rather addictive.

Whitehall Lady
Available at: Bassoon Bar, Corinthia Hotel
Created by: Domenico De Felice, Bar Manager
Costs: £17.50

The effortlessly chic and stylish surroundings of the Bassoon Bar, a destination venue tucked away in the Corinthia Hotel, is a great place to stop off post (or pre) theatre around Embankment and if the La Poderosa above takes your fancy, but would rather hold the tequila, give this a try - there’s still plenty of fizz, zest and floral notes, but with a base of quality Ciroc Vodka.

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