All 270 London Tube Stations: Renamed

By Geoff Marshall Last edited 87 months ago
All 270 London Tube Stations: Renamed
Click on the map above for a large version of the ‘new’ network.

We asked for your ideas to rename London's 270 tube stations, while still keeping them true to the features of each local area.

And we've been busy collating and cartographing the results, if that's a thing: making a new map, in other words.

Creating A Parallel London

We're rather proud of our brand new parallel London where Marble Arch is renamed Speaker's Corner and Earl's Court becomes the much more evocative Kangaroo Court.

Meanwhile, Tottenham Court Road goes wandering a bit further north, and Leicester Square evolves into Chinatown.

Thanks for your hundreds of suggestions — we had way more than we could include, so we've been selective about which ones ended up on the map this time.

Now we just have to start using these new monikers in public. And to slowly replace each map at every single tube station... then our work giving London's tube stations better proper names will be done.

Last Updated 12 September 2016