2015 Transport Fares: Good News For Pay As You Go

Rachel Holdsworth
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2015 Transport Fares: Good News For Pay As You Go


If you use Pay As You Go (PAYG) on Oyster or contactless to get around London's transport system, there's big news for you in next year's fares announcement: the cost of peak daily capping is being seriously reduced.

Peak and off peak capping are being withdrawn and replaced by one set cap per fare zone. If you travel within zones 1-3 you're laughing, as the new cap is lower than the previous off peak rate. If you live further out and travel into the centre off peak, you're likely to be more piqued as the cap is lower than the current peak but higher than off peak.

Zones 2014 PAYG peak cap 2014 PAYG off peak cap 2015 PAYG cap
12 £8.40 £7 £6.40
123 £10.60 £7.70 £7.50
1234 £10.60 £7.70 £9.20
12345 £15.80 £8.50 £10.90
123456 £15.80 £8.50 £11.70

The reason behind this change is the campaign to bring in a part-time travelcard. Long the favourite cause of the Liberal Democrats, earlier this year Boris Johnson asked Transport for London to look into a travel option to help people who don't work the traditional five day week. We've all assumed this would mean something like a three day travelcard, but instead TfL has just slashed daily caps to make it cheaper for people who travel ad hoc in peak time. So now, if you live in zone 3, you'll only need to take a return tube journey and a bus and you're quids in. It should also iron out some of the discrepancies between Oyster PAYG and contactless users, where contactless has the benefit of weekly capping but Oyster doesn't.

Elsewhere: yes, other fares are going up. Seven day travelcards are increasing by between 2.2% and 2.5%, single cash fares are going up by 10p (unless you want to travel further than zone 5, where you'll get a 20p-30p increase) and PAYG single fares are going up by 10p. Day travelcards are going up with a bump too: the off peak day zone 1-6 and peak zone 1-2 travelcards will no longer exist, making the cheapest day travelcard a whopping £12.

On buses, a single fare will increase 5p to £1.50 but the daily PAYG cap remains the same at £4.40. The one day bus and tram pass is also being reintroduced, costing £5, to help tourists and infrequent visitors who are foxed by cashless buses. It'll still need to be bought at a station or ticket stop though.

You can see more detail in the PDF uploaded to the GLA website.

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Someone I know - a care worker, on a zero hours contract and paid a low hourly rate - will be around £24 a year worse off now because she gets a bus to and from work. Maybe that doesn't sound like much but she needs all the help she can get.

Jon Millwood

So rush hour is going to get busier as there will no longer be an incentive to travel off peak as the cap is the same all day?

Seems stupid that the cheapest day travelcard will be £12, but they are reintroducing a bus pass for infrequent visitors. So in frequent bus users can get a day ticket but tube & bus users are forced to use Oyster or pay almost double (Oyster cap is £6.40) for a travel card!


I have quite a number of short stay visitors from outside London who travel off-peak. Whether using PAYG or Day Travelcards they are going to pay more per day.


Any news regarding 18+ Travelcard 1-6? Thank you :)


What about Railcard discounts? Will they still apply if there is no off-peak fare?


The cynic in me says that this is a clever way to simultaneously get good headlines and raise net fare income.

I imagine that there are a higher proportion of off-peak fare caps triggered weekly than peak fare caps (as many peak travellers will be on season tickets) - so in reality the number of people who will benefit from this is smaller than the number of people who will suffer.

The bigger headline here is the people who travel off peak (who are far less likely to have a season ticket) will be stung by fare increases of up to 38%. That is a real kick in the teeth for families living in the outer zones.


I don't agree that Boris Johnson is the favourite cause of the Lib Demo.


I live in Z6 and where possible try to book appointments with clients at times when o/p fares apply - it's cheaper for me and them whilst not adding to peak congestion. In 2015 it'll now cost me £3.20 per day more to go into town. I'm already on extremely tight margins and this is no help at all. The unscheduled nature of work means that a season of any sort is non-viable.

Thanks TfL - it'll probably be the final nail in the coffin for me.

John B

So someone with a Network card travelling at weekends zones 1-6 currently pays £5.90, and under the new scheme will pay up £11.70. How can you headline that as Good News!


Great for me living in Zone 3 if travelling into Central London, where I save a whopping 20p if travelling between Zones 1-3 off-peak and a big saving if travelling in the morning peak. However the massive increase for passengers travelling especially in the outer boroughs is a kick in the teeth for those people who had to move out of inner London because of benefit cuts etc.


So, zone 2.3 and 4? How much per week?.


Those living in Zones 5/6 get the worse service. How many times have i come home and my train is terminated in Zone 3 and goes back towards Zone 1 leaving those who paid the most standing around waiting. This is just another kick in the teeth to those on the outskirts.


It is not a great news for someone who lives in zone 6. I travel regularly only to the zone 3 and instead of paying £ 8.50, I will be paying £ 11.70 which is a massive difference. There is no other option. 38 % increase!!! Great for people who live in London but unfortunately not for us.


This will just encourage more peak time travel as the incentive to travel into London off peak from outer zones has been lost - crazy decision when capacity is already insufficient in peak hours


This really is NOT good news

So my off peak oyster card cap goes from £8.50 to £10.90 in January and the peak rate cap goes for £15.80 to £10.90.
Zone 1-3 get reductions all round!

Not exactly fair fares for family outings is it!!

Come on Tfl, not all of us are commuters or live in zone 1-3. We don't even have a tube station nor will crossrail serve us.

OK rant over


As a tory, Boris is only ever going to be about making the better off better off. That's why part time workers, usually travelling further afield and working irregular & unsociable hrs will be seismically worse off. Looks like off peak travel from zone 8 for instance will be at least double. Typical that behind all the headlines of 'cheap travel' the reality is as usual, quite different.


37.65% increase for off-peak zones 1-6 because the travelcard is withdrawn! That should bring the cars back on the roads.


This is terrible for people who had to move further out as they cannot afford to live in zones 1-3. Imagine the impact it will have on a family's day out in town even before they pay for anything else. How about a low paid workers in hospitality industry (who tend to work later in the day) whose travel costs just went up by best part of 40%. In whose interest will be that there is no incentive to travel off peak in a transport system which is already overcrowded. One can travel anywhere on New York public transport for 112 dollars per month which is

£70 what is the price of only six tickets to zones 1-6 in London. Shame.


I'm glad I don't live there any more. On my monthly visits I'm not going to lose much - and I'll be compensated with the convenience of not waiting until 0930 before leaving my zone 6 hotel. But I feel for the poor people who will now have to pay 37% extra if they travel off-peak for a night out or a day's job-hunting from zone 6 to zone 1. Still, what can we expect from London Transport. I remember the Oyster card had only just been introduced when they decided to have a peak period in the afternoon as well as before 0930. This latest wheeze really fits Boris's profile - screw the poorest while pretending to do everyone a favour.


i live in zone 5 and work mon to fri in zone 1.
what i will do differently this year, is just buy zone 2-5. i'll get tube in morning as time is tight to zone 1 what is the extra top up bit, £1.50 ish? and coming home as more time on hands i'll get a bus to zone 2 and then tube home to zone 5..

i assume more people working in zone 1 get a season ticket that doesn't actually include zone 1???? ie get off at zone 2 and get a free bus???

Christina Manolitsi

So what is the best option for a tourist visiting london zone 1-2 for 5 days?


Aliasghar fram pakistan


Hallo i working know to london but no Tayrh i know help


I'm disgusted! I travel zones 1 to 5 off peak, I will pay an extra £2.40 a day, a whopping 28% increase! Where is the fairness?


You can't make everyone happy! British are a nation of moaners.


"the off peak day zone 1-6 and peak zone 1-2 travelcards will no longer exist"

Yes they do. Zone 1-2 Travelcard is the same price for Anytime (peak) as Off-peak so you may say one doesn't exisit but Zone 1-6 Travelcard is £17 Anytime and £12 Off-peak. As tap to go 1-6 is £11.70 Anytime and Off-peak no one will be buying the Anytime Travelcard.