Hidden Gems Of The Edinburgh Fringe Come To Brixton

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 50 months ago
Hidden Gems Of The Edinburgh Fringe Come To Brixton


One of the annoying things about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (apart from it being in Edinburgh; come on, we're Londonist) is that there's so much to see. It would be so handy if someone could just curate a 'best of' version so we'd know we weren't missing out on any intelligent, interesting comedy? Luckily, Alexis Dubus (who you might be more familiar with as his alter-ego, Marcel Lucont) has done just that — and it's in Brixton to boot.

Alexis wants to give a bit more exposure to performers "who are without the backing of a large management company or thousands of pounds to spend on venues, PR and marketing, and often find themselves tucked away in hidden venues and odd time slots, but still putting on unique, skilful and passionate shows".

What he's done is gather eight performers over four days (that's two shows a night, maths whizzes) at the Prince of Wales. The shows are Wil Hodgson telling dark tales of Britain's hangmen, spoken word from Monkey Poet, stand up from poet Rob Auton, cabaret with Sh!t Theatre and their show Women's Hour, political comedy from Chris Coltrane that's as joyous as you'd expect from a show titled There's No Heroes Left Except All Of Us and what Alexis describes as "a healthy mix of frankly unclassifiable lunacy (Mat Ewins, The Human Loire and Richard Tyrone Jones's What The F*ck Is This?)".

Tickets for each show cost a fiver (plus booking fee if buying online) but you can get tickets to both shows each night for eight quid.

The Hidden Gems of Edinburgh Fringe Festival runs 20-23 October at the Prince of Wales, 467-469 Brixton Road SW9. For more information see Facebook and to book see Eventbrite.

Last Updated 14 October 2014