Pigeon Burgers, Curry Crickets And Ant Candy, Oh My

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 55 months ago
Pigeon Burgers, Curry Crickets And Ant Candy, Oh My


City of London Dwellers! Fed up of your daily prawn sarnie or cheese panini? A solution is at hand.

For one day only, you can pick up a sweet chilli pigeon burger or curry crickets for your lunch, courtesy of the Rentokil Pestaurant. The pop-up restaurant (actually restaurant is a rather generous description — it's more of a gazebo, and you'll have to find your own seat) is at One New Change shopping centre on Thursday, dishing up bugs like mealworms, crickets and locusts — chucked in the pan and made into lunch. Crispy BBQ, cheddar cheese and curry are some of the flavours the insects come in.

Got a sweet tooth? Nibble on a chocolate bug bar, or an ant or scorpion lollipop. See the full menu below.

Best of all, this nosh is all free. Plus pest control experts will be on hand to discuss your pest control needs. But don't let that put you off your grub(s).

The Rentokil Pestaurant is at One New Change for today only, approximately 11am-3pm.


Last Updated 21 August 2014