#ModelMarket Launches In Lewisham

Ben O' Norum
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#ModelMarket Launches In Lewisham

The Rib Man serving at #DalstonYard by bart613 from the Londonist Flickr pool

Street Feast has become synonymous with London’s best evening street food events over the past couple of years. Hot on the heels of first showing us what they could do in a carpark off Brick Lane - including private dining in a car wash - the team brought us more top-notch street food fun at #DalstonYard, and opened up #HawkerHouse in London Fields for the winter months, so that street food fans could tuck in without worrying about getting rained on.

#Dalston Yard re-launched for the summer season just a couple of weeks ago, and the team already have something new up their sleeves. They’ll be channeling a similar vibe to #HawkerHouse as they launch another hashtag-prefixed evening food fest in the form of #ModelMarket, starting tonight (20 June).

The shenanigans will take place in an abandoned 1950s indoor and outdoor market just off Lewisham High Street, a space similar to better-known Brixton market, but before the regeneration hit. Scheduled to run for fifteen weeks (that’s until the end of September), it will start at 6pm every Friday and Saturday and go on until around midnight each night.

If you’re familiar with any of Street Feast’s previous events, then you’ll have a fair idea of what to expect: lots of street food, lots of drinks and lots of people. Live music will be brought into the mix to (hopefully) ensure there’s a proper party atmosphere to the end, while each street food vendor will this time round have small seating areas so that there’s less need for the walking-around-balancing-food-and-drink-and-other-stuff-all-at-the-same-time technique to come into play. We reckon you should still be prepared to queue, though.


The line-up includes a mini-taqueria from Mexican food stall Breddos, Indian wraps and burgers from Rola Wala, brisket burgers and all things barbecued from SmokeStak, and steamed pork buns in a converted hair salon from Yum Bun.

Visitors will be well catered for in the drinks department, too. Five separate bars will varyingly specialise in cocktails, slushies, shandies, rum and wine, the latter also featuring vinyls to become a winyl bar. We like that. There’s even a roof terrace to enjoy these tipples on, should the sun decide to shine.

While we’ll concede that Lewisham residents are potentially pretty lucky to have this on their collective doorsteps, we’re not so convinced about the organisers’ use of the hashtag #Newisham to signal a transformation of the area. #Patronising, more like.

If you fancy a visit, you’ll find #ModelMarket at 196 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LS. We'll see you there.

Last Updated 20 June 2014