CommuterClub: Making Annual Travelcards Affordable

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CommuterClub: Making Annual Travelcards Affordable

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Having an Annual Travelcard is good. Your public transport is sorted for the year. There's no need for queueing to top up, no getting caught out with an expired Oyster, and you've saved money. The Gold Card that comes with an Annual Travelcard means you can enjoy cheaper UK rail travel and even buy off-peak day travelcards for family and friends at a reduced price.

Sadly, not all of us have employers who can give us a season ticket loan. Fewer of us can afford to pay thousands of pounds upfront to buy one. That includes us lot at Londonist Towers.

Now there is another way.

CommuterClub gives you access to the big discounts offered by Annual Travelcards, while providing all the flexibility of buying monthly.

How does it work? Instead of your employer giving you a season ticket loan, you apply for one from CommuterClub. They can't do it interest free, but the fixed rate of 5.6% still means you'll save money over the year, whichever zone you travel from.

For example, here at the office, two of us travel in from zone 3. By joining CommuterClub we'll get sent an Annual Travelcard and make 11 monthly payments at the same cost as our current monthly travelcard (£141). We'll get a full year of travel, with the 12th month payment-free.

Why's that? Annual Travelcards work out cheaper per month than monthlies. The £141 we will pay each month includes CommuterClub's interest. After 11 months we have paid back the loan with still a month to run on our Oyster. We can use that cash to go shopping, splash out on theatre tickets, treat a loved one or put it away for a rainy day.

We'll also get the benefits of the Gold Card mentioned earlier, which means a third off the train fare to visit the family.

Change of circumstances? What if you move home, want to travel the world or get a job you can walk to? CommuterClub offers a Cancellation Guarantee which means you can stop payments at any time and return your Annual Travelcard with no notice, no penalties, and no worries.

Sounds good, right? Have a look at the FAQs, see what other people are saying, talk to customer services and join the club at

Last Updated 19 June 2014