There's More To London Dungeon Than Fake Blood And Tourists

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 93 months ago
There's More To London Dungeon Than Fake Blood And Tourists

London Dungeon

Think London Dungeon and you probably envisage hoards of tourists queueing up outside. Either that, or the time when you were little and you screamed because the man in the mask jumped out from behind a curtain, and everyone laughed. Definitely didn't happen to us. Never. Nope.

Now there's a chance to see the famous tourist attraction in a new light, at the adults-only events coming up in May and June. Adults-only late night events seem to be two-a-penny at tourist attractions across the city, but our ears pricked up on hearing about the overriding London theme at this one.

Guests are led through 1,000 years of London's history, with particular emphasis on the grizzly events such as Sweeney Todd's fictional Fleet Street reign, told through storytelling and theatricals, and led by a cast of London's well-known rogues and villains. For the keen beans, there's a chance to delve into the Dungeons' dressing-up box to really get in the mood.

If you thought the screams and scares were reserved for the kids, think again. We're guessing there are going to be a few scares and surprises on the night. If it all gets too much, you can drink away your fears at the Victorian Gin Palace Bar, which will serve up traditional cocktails all night. Just watch out for the curtains.

London Dungeon Lates take place 15 May/6 June/20 June. Tickets are £30/£40, available here.

Last Updated 30 April 2014