London Air Pollution Will Be High On Wednesday

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 89 months ago
London Air Pollution Will Be High On Wednesday

fog_010414Here's an advance warning: air pollution in London is going to be pretty grim on Wednesday.

Not that air quality's been peachy so far this week, what with all the Saharan sand blown in (that's what the dust all over people's cars has been). But early morning rains have helped keep the worst out of the sky; no such showers are forecast tonight and the Met Office predicts an air quality index of 9 for tomorrow; the index only goes up to 10. A monitoring station on Upper Thames Street registered 8 on the air quality index on Tuesday afternoon, according to the London Air Quality Network at King's College.

The advice for anyone with lung and heart problems, and older people, is to reduce strenuous physical activity. Asthma sufferers should make sure they have their inhaler to hand. The rest of us may suffer sore throats, itchy eyes and coughing; and, if you're us, a horrible ache in the sinuses.

The pollution's caused by dirty air being blown in from Europe (and the Sahara) and this nice, still weather we're having is keeping it over the UK. The Met Office also warns of more dusty rain throughout the week.

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Photo by Amoola from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 01 April 2014