Give Rebates To Commuters Who Walk Or Cycle, Say Assembly Tories

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 59 months ago
Give Rebates To Commuters Who Walk Or Cycle, Say Assembly Tories


A three-day travelcard and rebates for annual season ticket holders who walk, cycle or work from home are ideas for flexible ticketing being suggested to Transport for London by Assembly Member Roger Evans.

Evans has released a report called Commuter Payback, in which he works out a system of cashback incentives to get Londoners travelling using healthier options — or just staying home to ease pressure on public transport. He proposes a system that could mean a zone 3 resident who cycles to work in zone 1 once a week for most of the year could be in line for £200 back on their annual ticket. As we move further out of the centre the money increases, but so does the effort (would the promise of £6.90 a day be enough to persuade many people to cycle to Holborn from Hatton Cross?). Happily, Evans thinks that remote working in the comfort of your own home should also come with financial reward.

This is all, of course, suggestion. But TfL is working on flexible ticketing options after being directed by the Mayor. It seems Boris Johnson is listening to his blue-hued party compatriots after ignoring similar calls by other parties for years; so if you want more malleable transport pricing we suggest you complete the survey on the GLA Conservatives' website.

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Last Updated 10 April 2014