A Superhero's View Of East London

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A Superhero's View Of East London

The mesmeric video takes you on a journey along and above the streets of east London. Its creators presumably use a drone to get low-flying shots of local people and landmarks. More of this, please!

Last Updated 22 April 2014

Col. Tigh-Fighter

Really cool video. But under the current rules for filming in London, totally against regulations. According to the Civil Aviation Authority any drone camera must have 50 metres clear in every direction to film over public streets unless the people below have signed a waiver. Imagine if the drone had dropped out of the sky onto someones head. What was your Public Liability Insurance like? £5M, £10M? Did you approach the local council and the CAA regarding gaining permission for your filming?

Of course this is all bollocks, but it is also the current....not law but guidelines. This is such a new technology that the Film Offices across London have no actual real guidelines about when and not when this can be used. They approached the CAA a year or so ago and the CAA said the 50m rule, and no one has challanged it since. Film London started trying to get to the bottom of this, but gave up due to the complexity of it. So there is a state of limbo about professional films using this technology above crowds of people.

I recently had a request refused to fly one over a crowd of people in Lewisham for an advert. I'm sure common sense will eventually win through, but I bet it is a couple of years before it is. Someone needs to champion this technology and fight for some real, practical rules put in place. But that day is not here yet. So as lovely as your film is, and shows what a clever and safe bit of kit the drone cam is; it is still something a professional shoot could not have done if they approach the regulators and asked for permission to do it.

Still, damn cool vid mate :)


Nice, but there's more to East London than Hackney and a bit of Islington.