Where To Recycle Your Christmas Tree In London

Rachel Holdsworth
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Where To Recycle Your Christmas Tree In London


All your Christmas decorations are meant to be down by tonight (there's some debate about whether Twelfth Night is 5 or 6 January; but who'd blame you if you kept them up one last day?). If you have a real tree this presents the annual problem of what to do with it. Here's where to recycle your tree depending on where you live.

Boroughs That Collect

Leave your tree by the bins and remember to take all the decorations off! And if you can cut the tree down a bit, that would also be helpful.

  • Barking and Dagenham collects 13 January-10 February.
  • Barnet collects from 6 January.
  • If you live in Bexley and have a brown bin collection, the council will take your tree away.
  • Brent accepts trees in organic bins so long as the lid shuts (cut it up, basically).
  • You can leave your tree at the front of your property in Ealing until 17 January.
  • If your tree's under 6ft and you have a garden recycling collection, Enfield will collect it.
  • Leave your tree out in Greenwich and the council will take it.
  • Hackney collects for the first two weeks of January.
  • Hammersmith and Fulham collects until 15 January.
  • Haringey needs you to cut the tree up into bits no bigger than 1m for collection.
  • If you live in a house in Harrow, put your tree in the brown bin. If you live in flats, put it in the residual waste bin.
  • Hillingdon also needs you to cut the tree into 1m pieces for collection.
  • Hounslow collects trees with garden waste during January.
  • Islington collects as part of the normal bin day, just leave your tree out.
  • Kensington and Chelsea collects until 15 January; if you don't get a garden waste collection as standard, check the website for dates.
  • Kingston collects trees until 17 January.
  • If you have a food waste collection in Lambeth, the council will take away your tree until 31 January.
  • Merton will collect until 26 January.
  • Book a free green waste collection in Newham.
  • Redbridge collects broken down trees as part of the garden waste service.
  • Richmond collects until 15 January.
  • Southwark takes trees as part of food and waste collections. If you don't get one as standard, you can book one.
  • Put your tree out with your green recycling bin in Sutton until 1 February.
  • Tower Hamlets collects until 24 January.
  • Leave your tree next to the brown bin in Waltham Forest and it'll be taken away.
  • Wandsworth collects until 15 January.

Take Your Tree Somewhere Else

  • As well as doing collections, Barnet say you can take your tree to the recycling centre.
  • If you live in Bexley and don't have a brown bin collection you'll need to take the tree to either the Crayford or Foots Cray recycling centres.
  • If you don't have an organic bin in Brent, take the tree to Abbey Road.
  • Bromley residents can take trees to five sites on 11-12 January.
  • There are lots of drop-off points in Camden, accepting trees until 16 January.
  • There are various drop-off points in the City: Barbican, Middlesex Street and Golden Lane Estates are open until 13 January.
  • Croydon has lots of drop-off points until 11 January.
  • Various parks and recycling centres in Ealing accept trees throughout January and February.
  • Trees can be taken to various parks in Enfield until 12 January; after that date, take it to the Barrowell Recycling Centre.
  • If you miss the Hackney collections, take the tree to Millfields Depot before 31 January.
  • Hammersmith and Fulham has six drop-off points. There's no deadline given.
  • If you don't have a saw in Haringey but can transport your tree, take it to one of these centres by 26 January.
  • Havering's four recycling sites accept 'garden waste'.
  • Hounslow accepts trees at three sites until 17 January.
  • Islington has four drop-off points until 12 January, plus the normal recycling centre on Hornsey Street.
  • Kensington and Chelsea has lots of drop-off points until 15 January.
  • There are three drop-off points in Lambeth, open until 13 January.
  • Lewisham has various drop-off points taking trees until 27 January.
  • There are three drop-off points in Richmond.
  • Southwark has four places you can drop off your tree.
  • Westminster has 22 drop-off points, running until 15 January.

Photo by Vibrant Walthamstow from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 06 January 2014