Where To Play Sport In London: Part X, Y And Z

Sam Parton
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Where To Play Sport In London: Part X, Y And Z

Zorbing! Image by rodw under Creative Commons licence.

Concluding our alphabetical journey through sport, and where to play it in London.

X-fit (CrossFit)

CrossFit or X-fit is hugely popular in the United States and has traversed the pond and emerged in London. It offers a range of fitness exercises designed to give a full body workout involving elements of gymnastics, Olympic lifting, running, rowing and skipping. Examples of London CrossFit centres include Cross Fit Central London, which was London’s first CrossFit gym, Cross Fit London, and CrossFit North London. While on the expensive side, CrossFit is a good way to get fitter than ever as each class has to be different, meaning that your body keeps on being challenged.


While London itself isn’t ideal for yachting, England’s South coast offers some excellent opportunities within driving distance such as Portsmouth Sailing Club and Brighton Marina Yacht Club. These both have opportunities to take lessons or join in with existing races once you become a member. In London, the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre offers Adult Yachting Courses ranging from the basic day skipper course right through to a full yacht master, although most are classroom taught.


Choosing a yoga class is a bit like choosing a haircut. There are so many different styles and formats that to the new ‘yogis’ the choices can be overwhelming, The main yoga types are Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha and Iyengar, which vary their focuses on breathing, techniques and positions. A more recent trend is ‘hot yoga’ where, like Bikram, the temperature is cranked up high to make you sweat, but doesn’t follow the 26 posture sequence. Hot Pod Yoga is springing up in offices and venues around London. If you are looking for a London yoga class or venue check out OpenPlay which should point you in the right direction.


Zorbing originates from New Zealand and involves hurtling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. Presumably, it was a successful drunken experiment. This ex-hill-erating sport is perfect for adrenaline junkies as you can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. London’s Zorbing Park is located south of London near Whyteleafe in Surrey and is within 30 minutes of London by train or car. Another option is Sphere Mania in Hertfordshire, which also has another location in Berkshire and offers downhill zorbing for around £40 to £50.


Zumba was originally invented in Colombia and is a dance and fitness programme rolled into one combining all sorts of squats, salsa dancing, martial arts and lunges. Its popularity has risen dramatically in London and Zumba classes can now be found throughout the capital in most gyms and dance studios. Zumba Fitness London and Dance Attic in Fulham offer a range of Zumba classes. London Live Fitness also has Zumba classes throughout Central London such as at Tiger Tiger in Piccadilly and Islington Arts Factory. Zumba classes can also be found in many of London’s schools such as Harris East Girls Academy, Dulwich College Sports Centre and Highgate Primary School.

Author Sam Parton is Founder of OpenPlay, which makes it easier to find and book sports facilities in London.


Part A: Aerobics, Aikido, Archery, Athletics, Aussie Rules Football
Part B: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bikram Yoga, Boules, Bowls, Boxing
Part C: Canoeing, Climbing, Cricket, Croquet, Curling, Cycling
Part D: Dance, Darts, Disc Golf, Diving, Dodgeball, Dragon Boat Racing
Part E: Equestrian, English Billiards, Eight-a-side Football, Endurance Running, Extreme Sports
Part F: Fives, Football, Fencing, Frisbee
Part G: Gaelic Football, Golf, Go-Karting, Goalball, Gridiron
Part H: Handball, Hang Gliding, Hatha Yoga, Hiking, Hockey, Hula Hooping and Hurling
Part I: Ice Climbing, Ice Hockey, Indoor Cricket, Indoor Football, Inline Skating, and Iyengar Yoga.
Part J: Jazz Dancing, Jianzi, Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Jogging, Jorkyball
Part K: Karate, Kiyaking, Kickboxing, Kite Surfing, Korfball, Kung Fu
Part L:  Lacrosse, Land Yachting, Laser Tag, Lawn Bowling, Lawn Tennis, Lethwei
Part M: Mountain Biking, Muay Thai, Marathon, Mixed Martial Arts, Mixed Hockey
Part N and O: Netball, Nordic skiing, Orienteering, Outdoor Rowing, Outdoor Swimming
Part P: Padel, Paintball, Petanque, Pilates, Pitch and Putt, Power Yoga, Parkour
Part Q and R: Quad rollerskating, Roller Blading, Roller Hockey, Rounders, Rowing, Rugby, Running
Part S: Sailing, SCUBA, snorkelling, Shooting, Skateboarding, Snooker, Snowboarding, Soccer, Squash, Swimming
Part T: Table Tennis, Taikwondo, Tennis, Ten-Pin Bowling, Trampolining, Triathlon
Part U and V: Ultimate Frisbee, Unihockey, Velodrome, Volleyball
Part W: Wake Boarding, Water Polo, Water Skiing, Weightlifting, White-Water Rafting, Windsurfing, Wrestling

Last Updated 16 January 2014