Where Homesick American Ex-Pats Can Eat In London

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Where Homesick American Ex-Pats Can Eat In London
Breakfast at Hawksmoor.

Being 'stranded' in London offers no serious hardship on the culinary front to an American expat. All one needs is the bravery to explore. If you’re from the other side of the Atlantic and miss home, here are a few places that should make you feel a little bit less homesick.

Reminiscent of places like Morton's or Smith & Wollensky in Manhattan, Hawksmoor is unique in offering well-aged porterhouse steaks in larger sizes, which can be shared among several diners. American steakhouses are to die for, with huge slabs of meat and incredible side dishes. The ultimate US steakhouse experience in London. Various locations around town.

Burger and Lobster
With a menu limited to just three main courses – a grilled or steamed lobster, a lobster roll or a burger – this chain certainly brings the best of New-England-style rolls to London. With a rich sauce soaking the big lobster chunks in a fried brioche bun, the sandwich comes with a side of fries and salad and makes for a filling meal; perfect for both fish- and meat-lovers. Various locations around town.

The Delaunay
Not many places in London live up to the NYC deli experience, but The Counter at The Delaunay comes pretty darn close. The chopped chicken roll is stunning, and the other hot sandwiches and chicken noodle soup are simply delicious, too. A bit pricey, but certainly worth it, and definitely American in feel. Aldwych.

Red Dog Saloon
With a Man Vs Food challenge, all the dishes on the menu here are reminiscent of any good chain in the USA. With burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, ribs and Mac n Cheese, as well as hot (and extra hot) chicken wings, Red Dog in Hoxton Square will fill your cravings and transport you far away from London. Hoxton.

Full Stop on Brick Lane, photo by Michael Walker-Toye from the Londonist Flickr pool

Full Stop
For those familiar with Williamsburg or the 'Drag' in Austin, Texas, Brick Lane offers more than food. Look no further for vintage stores, bagels and doughnuts, street art and an altogether hipster vibe. With coffee shops like Full Stop decorated in 1960s furniture and selling butternut squash soup, second-hand clothes shops brimming over with boots and jewellery, there is definitely something of Brooklyn about the wider area. Brick Lane.

Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar at Harrods
Every good American lives on pizza and while there is no shortage of pizzerias in London, finding a top quality, authentic pizza can be a challenge. We highly recommend eating here as the menu is very limited and all ingredients are fresh, which means every dish is mouth-watering. With classic toppings and traditional wood ovens to cook the dough in, look no further for the king of all pizzas.

By Karen Shidlo

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Last Updated 14 October 2016

Greg Wesson

Great list. I'd also add, for proper Buffalo chicken wings, check out Orange Buffalo in the Truman Brewery yard, and Sticky Wings on Brick Lane. Both do really good Buffalo wings.

breakfast blue

But is there anywhere you can get real pancakes for breakfast? All the pancakes I've tried in London have been so disappointing!

Abe Froman

Dukes Brew & Que should be on this list as well. And Meat Liquor for the deep fried pickles - a State Fair classic. Now if only someone in London sold funnel cake...


Just point my kid in the direction of the nearest Chipotle.


What about some incredible burgers at Hache or tasty Mexican food at Lupita????


What about Outsider Tart in Chiswick? Southern food.


Anyone know where to find corn dogs?

Cicatrix Manet

You know New York and New England aren't the only parts of America...where's the southern style foods, mid-west treats, PA style eats, good Tex-Mex and good Mexican? These are the types of food that we miss from home.

Cicatrix Manet

Oh, and how about American style breakfasts? Pancakes, waffles, french toast, omelettes, skillets, thin-fatty-crispy bacon, eggs benedict, biscuits and gravy, etc.


Truman Brewery yard is my favorite place and my kids are nuts about it. Thanks for the list.


Very amusing to see what is considered "American" food.

Does anyone in the UK even know what pastrami is?

Best Mexican I've found is Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden. There have been others, but not that survived.

And "there is definitely something of Brooklyn about the area" is not a recommendation any more


Beigel bake on Brick lane has some of the best bagels. This is coming from a New Yorker


Don't forget the Fatboy Diner at Trinity Buoy Wharf in E14

Ted Govostis

You completely missed NY Fold for proper NY style pizza.

Ellie Atkins

The Diner on Portobello Road is crazy good! Need to go again soon


I worked at Morton's for 10 years.

"Hawksmoor is unique in offering well-aged porterhouse steaks in larger sizes, which can be shared among several diners."

Hahahahaha *shared* hahahahaha

As if.